Riding in Copenhagen?

Hi guys,

I am currently in Copenhagen, travelling from the United States. I’m going to be here for a school project for the next two months, so I brought my DIY board overseas (minus the battery, having a cheap one shipped to me from HK).

The battery hasn’t gotten to me yet, so I have been riding around on my longboard just pushing.

I am wondering, eSk8ers of Copenhagen, is it legal to ride on the bike paths with your esk8s?


I am not really sure. I have been flying down the road 50kph in Paris and Tagerwilen to German. Police has not bother to stop me. They just staring at me like alien.


Anyone else have any experience riding in Copenhagen?

Lol!! I know that feel.

I live in copenhagen.

Yes, it is illegal, law states that using a “rolling board” on roads, sidewalks, everywhere where there is trafic, is illegal.

You will however mostlikely not be stopped by the police, and if so, they will just tell you to get off it and walk. Very small chance you might get a tho.

I ride in Denmark’s 3rd biggest city, Odense, and no one says anything. You’ll get a lot of looks and questions, but that’s about it. Everybody seems cool about it. I’ve even ridden past the police without them saying anything. :slight_smile:

I recently went to copenhagen and was suprised to see that motorbikes (scooters, peds, vespa etc) were on the cycle paths, as well as electric power bicycles… Surely thats more dangerous than an electric skateboard! Can’t imagine you’ll have a problem, saw lots of people skating too

So, funny story.

The reason I made this discussion was because I got pulled over on my third night here while riding my longboard on the bike lane. It was night time, so maybe that had something to do with it, the police man was not very clear with me. I was very surprised that I got pulled over, because I was riding very safely, not weaving, and I was keeping up with the bicycle traffic.

I guess once I get my batteries in and I can better keep up with bicycle traffic (as well as add my lights) I’ll try riding again. For now, I’ll stick to my bike that my project sponsor gave me :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was probably because of the lights. They require you to use lights on everything but yourself.

Oh yeah forgot to mention. Yes I do wearing a running red light strap on my leg or backpack at night. Just get yourself a Tron suit. Problem solve!

I have been riding my eboard for 3 month now in Copenhagen and no problem with police! So… have fun!!

Hey guys, if anyone is up for a meetup/ride in Copenhagen, let me know. I live in Copenhagen. I ride my board mostly in parks/outside of Copenhagen. Still a bit sort of shy to ride on the streets of Copenhagen itself - don’t want to get too much attention. This is my board and my son’s board (and obviously my son, not me):


Wish I could have met you while I was still in Copenhagen!


Hey guys,

I just saw this thread and I’m looking for people to ride with in Copenhagen as well. So, if one of you guys is interested, let me know. I also made a Facebook Group called ESK8 København, which should make it easier in the future to stay in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you or seeing you in the group. :slight_smile:

Hi, i couldn’t find it… link? ty!

Yeah i live in greve, maybe we could figure something outit would be awesome to find someone else @Emil juhl on Facebook