Riding in hot climate. range

So, I usually dont ride for kicks, but to go places. And usually, I go to the store. Which is about a mile both ways. I do that about four times, and am down two bars. Maybe less. And so, I decided to go to the stores up the road a piece. It was about over a hundred F. My board didnt act up, or anything, but, the juice was gone in five miles.

This is FAR less range than I get when it is not too hot to touch components.

Am I killing batt, by riding in this heat? How does range suffer from heat?


you should make a video

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I dont have any of that frufru gingerbread. No gps, no digital readouts.


You’re definitely stressing your motor/esc and batteries by riding in the heat. Is there any way you could switch to a smaller pulley or pinion? Also if there are some less aggressive esc settings you probably should dial those back.

I ride with much mechanical empathy. I take off slow, and usually dont go over 15mph. I usually charge to 90%. Dont drain till empty.

The street gets white hot here. My normal is to make the trips short. So it doesnt adopt tarmac temps. I guess I wont really be out long at high temps anyway, aS i ALSO adopt tarmac temps.

I also ride on med, so torque is mellow.

Now I know high temps are generally bad for pack and vesc health, but I didnt know that high temps can make range suck. Before batt damage.

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So what size motors do you have and whats your battery specs? Also whats really hot at the end of a ride? Motors? Battery? Connectors?

flipsky 6374r motors. 6.6 vesc flip, with the heatsink, mounted to vent directly to air, or suck up the tarmac heat. Battery is GA cells, 10s5p. So, theoretical 50 amps sustained. But I only draw maybe thirty max, and for short time.

With over a hundred, the tarmac likely reaches 150.

So far, I have only done one hot run. All others are short hops.

I guess I could stick to the sidewalks, if that helps.

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Wannabe my new friend?

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Kickin it space age old school, Yo.