Riding through Rain, how to stop stuff from sticking to the bottom of your board?

Just finished my build and rode it in lightly wet conditions. Am planning on continuing to ride it in the rain through the fall and winter. Any ideas how to prevent all these leaves and crap from sticking to the bottom of the board?

How do you guys make out in the rain?

What do you use to protect your motor, does it have heat issues and how did you mount it?

Haven’t personally tried it but some people have success in other applications with Never Wet


My guess would be a hydrophobic coating. Maybe the same stuff you spray on shoes to water proof them

I’m still working on a solution for the motor. Right now I just put some duct tape around it to prevent water from splashing in the end. Thinking of getting a K&N hydrophobic bag to keep water out, but air flowing. Someone else was trying that out on the forum here. Literally just finished the build, so not entirely sure about heat issues just yet.

This looks promising! Thanks for the link.

Looks like the Never Wet must be a bust. People say it is extremely temporary and will wear off quite quickly.

I usually just ride on some sidewalk for a short distance and the vibrations knock everything off.

Rainx works on my windshield sans leaves and mud though. Maybe some kind of teflon spray or a wax? I don’t think anything will be perfect. Just good enough…

Good luck

I’d try a liquid rub on Teflon wax for snowboards. That shit is slick. My friends call this stuff greased lightning for a reason. https://www.amazon.com/Zardoz-NOTwax-Pocket-Puck-Applicator/dp/B000HWW086

This one is looking promising. I think I’ll give Teflon Wax a try.