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Riding with a board leash

I’m seriously considering getting a flexible snowboard leash to avoid my board going rogue and ending under a car or injuring a padestrian if i fall off.
What are your thoughts on this?

Wear a helmet. Get a good controller. Get used to your board before going anywhere near busy roads/pedestrians. If you do that, you shouldn’t need a leash. It would look rediculous anyways.

I think a leash to hold it on to you is not such a great idea, but if you could implement a killswitch similar to the ones they use on jetski’s / waterscooters that might be a cool idea. So if you fall off, the power gets cut on the board. I’ve thought about this but i would rather have a footpad / button that your foot would need to be on, and if you step off the power would be killed in a sec or two.

That would be great unless you need to shift your leg around to push or turn, perhaps a leash can be used, not to keep the board attached to you, but to trigger a killswitch. So when you fall off the leash pulls the switch and the board cuts power/applies brakes if that’s possible? Just an idea… But yeah what @anorak234 Said makes sense

out in the water its hard to get your leash stuck on something.

On an eboard you could get your leash snagged onto all sorts of gnarly stuff.

Exactly, thats why i opted the footpad thingy, there must be a way to measure if there is any weight on the board with a simple pressure sensor or press-pad type of thing and kill the power if there isn’t anymore for a certain amount of time…

Leashes on surfboards, ok
Leashes on snowboards, ok
Leashes on skateboards, dont even go there…