Right cutoff voltage for a 10s 37v battery

what should i make the cutoff for a 37v battery

3V/cell or 30V

ok thank you

3V seems allready very low.

most people here go with 3.3 - 3.2V tops

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i want to be safe but also i want to get the most out of my battery. would it still be the same.

liion or lipo?

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are we talking about LiPo’s or Li-Ion’s?

lipo battery

then 3.4V to get the most out of them. 3.2 is allready borderline for them in terms of max charge cycles

lower limit for lipos seem to be 3.2v to be safe and preserve longevity.

but, this is from my 10s balance charger manual:

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or what @Achmed20 said

so 32v in total is good for maximum preformance and to also conserve the energy?

i run mine down to 3.2V btw. replacing them costs me like 60€ but i usualy have 40% left after a ride.

ok thank you

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i don’t feel comfortable advising on lipos, i’ve personally never used them.

i would go with a more conservative bottom cutoff at 3.4v, so 34v for your 10s pack, like @Achmed20 said.

not sure about “maximum performance and to also conserve the energy.” it’s more to extend the life of your batteries because draining them to their extremes is a great way to kill them prematurely. and lipos are volatile in general so good to be conservative.

there’s peopel here using lipos very successfully, may want to ask them (@Namasaki comes to kind).

so what kind of battery would you recommend

If your gonna use Lipos, then I highly recommend getting Lipos with a high C rating. I’ve been using 60/120C Lipos for long time and they are doing very well.

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Mine as well

Hey guys just wanna run something by the more knowledgeable members, if a lipo fully charged is 4.2v and fully discharged is 3v, running a 10s8p 20c 40 000mah battery would I be better off setting my cut off to 3.2 or 3.3? I will already have a huge range I just want to preserve cycle and charge life of my batteries

set cutoff start to 34 and end to 32