Right glue for motor stator and magnets

Hi guys! I am modifying some motors and I would need the right glue for magnets and stator. I read about it but didn’t find a clear answer except for the super expensive loctite 648 I believe. Is there something thermal resistent suitable for the work? Maybe something that I can use for both. If you can share it, which glue are you using @Hummie? Since your motor are an inspiration for me Thanks thanks

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I used 648, I payed $20 for the big bottle it just took almost a month to get here from Amazon lol

Link link link please! Sorry my bad the 648 is not the one expensive. Anyhow is it a good one? I can also find it at the right price

Loctite suggests LOCTITE EA 9514

is that for the stator or the magnets?

648 Retaining Compound 50 mL Bottle, Green https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KC5449Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_jF20BbFT64G95

Thanks :wink:

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Permabond e550 is what I use for magnets but I press the stator on. Preferred


So stator not glue, only pressed. No keyway either?

There’s a key way slot but I don’t use it as they’re such a tight press fit and then I vacuum in a thin glue that goes in the windings mailnly but also through the keyway. Winding resin from Epic Resins

Ah ok, got it. Concerning the magnets glue I only found permabond ES550 not E550 only. Is it the correct one? The ES550 doesn’t seem so much temperature resistent though

Es550. It’s pretry unique and does high heat.

Is ti the same one you use? I couldn’t find the e550

Yup permabond es550

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Thanks man!

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I bought my loctites from a EU ebay seller. took only a few days to arrive and not expensive.

loctite 638, 648 and 680 should be good up to 180 degrees C

Thanks for the link. The only thing that for instant loctite 648 is classified as retainer and not bounding on loctite.com. Is it holding fine?

I have used the 638 to hold the motor shaft in place that was moving all over the place :smile: hasn’t moved a bit since. never used it on magnets though

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It’s retaining fluid though. Meant for attaching tight fitting cylindrical parts like bearings on shafts or housings. I think it works through lack of oxygen similar to other of that type of epoxy like thread locker But that might be fine w magnets. And the stator. I have no idea the difference between “retaining fluid “ epoxy and “thread holder” If u find something better than es550 please tell me! Being just one-part is simple and no waste(in theory). And bake cure is stress free. (Don’t overbake the magnets,again!!) But it’s numbers are said the best by guy on phone who can talk for an hour straight at krayden I think. Couldn’t find anything as good and told me to wait till was back in stock. Like to see all the data sheets again.