RIP my eboard/motor mount

IMG_20180812_113521903 IMG_20180812_113617059IMG_20180812_113541639IMG_20180812_113529186IMG_20180812_113557604IMG_20180812_113638831! Thoughts on how this happened? It might have something to do with the retaining piece coming off my motor pulley which maybe caused the belt to get caught or something but I’m not sure. This mount has held up fine for a year and I haven’t seen any reason for it to break now. could just be stress I suppose. I haven’t change my riding style and this happened close to my house on a street I ride on all the time. I didnt see or feel any impact from the mount hitting the ground so not sure what to think. my setscrew and motor pulley also seemed to come loose so maybe that was the cause. Recommendations on new mounts?

Either buildkitboards or Torqueboards work really well if you’re willing to purchase the right trucks.

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Just specify you want the new two piece clamp. Its a lot easier to fit and stays tight without the hassle of the old one which can be fiddly to set up correctly.

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ya not sure if I wanna go to cals or get something different and make my own mount

That’s the spirit! Me I just stand on the backs of giants and try to improve their work.
With very mixed results I can assure you. I spent 10 hours and about 50 dollars in tools and materials making a two piece clamp for my TB motor mount only to realise that I could have bought one for ten bucks because @torqueboards (the sneaky bastards) released a two piece while I was beavering away which was infinitely better than my attempt. Ho Hum.

@dareno wait where did u find a 2 piece for 10 bucks? Link?

Its only the small round clamp that comes with the tb motor mount not the complete unit and its an upgrade item offered to people struggling with the original grub screw clamp and I don’t think its on the site yet. send torqueboards a pm if you want one but you would still have to buy the motor plate.

Ah ok. I think there’s cheaper ones out there. 60 bucks seems a bit steep especially considering it doesn’t even have an idler option.