RipTide Sports Inc. is not associated with the Ride Riptide electric skateboard

Through a series of unfortunate events a company is using a name very similar to ours and continuing to confuse and complicate the marketplace. We have been known for years as simply RipTide and Ride RipTide is attempting to capitalize on that. We have repeatedly requested that Ride Riptide not shorten their name to Riptide but they continue to do so in blogs, their packaging, events, wheels and their website. We are in talks with them to correct this!


Those ride riptide boards are also getting caught on fire


how can I help

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Good timing for the post then :slight_smile:

I mainly want people to be aware of what is happening.

Ah ok


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Here is the video of a ride riptide board getting caught on fire

Those cheeky bastards


oh wow that’s really dangerous

WoW such a bummer!

Wow this is really upsetting. You guys have been a staple for years.

Are they a US based company? You may be able to file litigation for a name in the same industry.

Indeed they look to be, and are out of California, like you, so you likely can even do such at the municipality level due to their location. This is a common theme with businesses in the same state, county or town picking like names to monopolize on prior business achievements…


Last I looked at them, they are based out of SoCal but get their parts from china. Whole lotta bullshit coming out of their end.

From the same video…I wonder if this steamer came with it.


I’ve wondered since day 1 how this was okay with RipTide. I guess it wasn’t. It’s super-confusing


It really is…they keep calling themselves Riptide on Instagram too, which doesn’t help.

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Yeah that sucks Brad, obviously trading off your reputation :rage:

Have you got a trademark on RipTide?

From there indiegogo campaign:

I’d talk to Chris and shredlights and ask them to similarly apply pressure. Surely Chris is sick of this he gets ripped off all the time…


Wow I thought it was same company untill now… at least a branch company. Sue them!


I’ve very confused, I’ve tried to find sites to two separate companies on google but have only been able to find the ride riptide site. Would someone mind linking the legit riptide site and the site of the guys trying to rip off riptide so everyone can see which is which?

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Look at the thread title and try again.

Well that was because of using a 12s charger instead of the factory charger. This is not surprising.