Riser for MBS matrix pro II truck

12201%20-%20MBS%20Matrix%20II%20truck%20-%20PT3 20160909_160100-FILEminimizer Looking for 6mm (quarter inch) risers for MBS Matrix Pro II trucks.

For example, the set from Alien power systems look good, it would mount, but it doesn’t quite look wide enough.

Any ideas where I can source risers wide enough?

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Could be reasonably easy to design and laser cut a piece of delrin if you have the dimensions of the truck. I’ve 3d printed a few risers from ninjaflex (100% infill) that work nicely as well. You’d obviously need the dimensions of the truck though.

thanks @Deodand, what material did you use for your 3d printed riser?

Check out the E-Toxx website. They have wedges specifically for these trucks and I bet Jens @Nowind could make some flat risers for you.


Hey Dude

as @Mobutusan mentioned we got some TPU Wedges and Risers for the MBS MAtrix2

We got for example 5mm Risers, sold as pair


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Just ordered the r5 (5mm flat, no angle) risers from you. Thanks, looking forward to adding them to my build.