Road trip ! Brisbane to Melbourne (Aus)


Cars packed, 3 boards at the ready, 2 evolves with all terrain and my latest build

First stop yamba, then port stephens then callala beach for a wedding. From there we don’t have a set route. Any suggestions for runs between callala (Jervis Bay) and Melbourne? Taking the coast road, thinking via Lakes entrance. Ideally some paths along the lakes or ocean side, taking the evolves for the off the beaten path stuff, and mine cause it’s kick ass, 14 Ah battery = hours of bliss. Staying around Port Melbourne from the 12th if anyone wants to catch up for a ride.


How much miles / km is the whole trip? Sounds nice… do u plan to re-charge while on the way?

It’s 2000km each way :smiley: Am driving, breaking the trip up about 8 stops to Melbourne, Wedding half way, Guns N Roses concert at the MCG stadium then slowly back again. It’s along the eastern coast of Australia.

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Nelson Bay, awesome spot, 7 km run along the water


@lox897 @Pathaim @captainjez

I’ll meet you in Port Melbourne. We’ve got a meetup with @captainjez around the 19th or 26th

Going to try and fit those evolve wheels to my vanguard soon. Then I can get rid of the gen 2 evolve

Finally made it to Melbourne!

Sorry I just saw this Jebbe, Gippsland has a lot of places you can ride your boards comfortably with little issues. I actually dislike going to melbourne with my board for this reason, so many people and so much traffic compared to here. Plenty of bush roads too that can make off roaders fun :slight_smile:

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when your family acknowledges your addiction!

Found a few offroaders, definitely rushed this trip and will come back with more time. Spent some time riding around Metung. Cracking spot