Roadkill | Hummie deck | Haggy Drive System | Bigben enclosure | 10S4P | 2x6274 | Unity | Bergmeisters

How does it ride I’m planning this exact build

It rides wonderfully. The deck, the trucks, the wheels, the power, all working very nicely. No complaints whatsoever.

@Legacy23 I will try to share the file by tomorrow.

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Thank you!

Here’s the link:

Uploaded also the simpler variant.

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Hey man ! Your motor shaft is 10 or 8mm??

I’m quite sure it’s 8 mm.

I have a kahua+hummie build. Group hug. Are you running stock bushings? I’m still in the getting to know the board stage but with the width of the truck I wish it was a bit firmer. My pile of riptide stuff is a bit too tall.

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I was able to fit a Blood Orange insert bushing in the truck so now I’m running one of those insert bushings and one original bushing per truck. Haven’t tested Riptide bushings. Although the pivot cup (Caliber) fits fine.

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What width heatshrink did you use? 180mm?

The heatshrink I used was 100mm wide when measured flat on the table.

@jaatis: Very Nice build!

Collecting everything to build something very similar.

How much clearance do you have left with drop through? Because I want to use the DS enclosure.

Did you use a diebms? What’s the advantage?


Thanks! I think there’s enough room for the DS enclosure but also a high change it will get scratched. I’m using a small Bestech charge only BMS, nothing too fancy. Works fine for me.


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Awesome! Thanks. Still happy riding? :smiley:

nice build i love the bergmeister wheels they really look good and make lots of current decks look event better!!

love the hummie after seeing this build way to go.

The DS enclosure is about 12mm deeper, there’s quite a few running it this way. @sayekim has a couple and one of them is on thane.

Yeah, had a chat with him already but since his running SR trucks I wasn’t sure if the hight would be the same. All my doubts are gone now, thanks! :grin:

Awesome build man. Saw your ad on Tori, you got me thinking for a while there :wink: but wasn’t fast enough I guess. May I ask where you pulleys come from? I’d love to explore 3D print options around the Helsinki area, but don’t know where to start.

Thanks! The whole drive including all pulleys train is coming from Haggyboard. I would suggest to avoid 3D printed pulleys as they tend to break quite easily.

You should’ve come and tried the board while it was still in Finland :wink:
If you want some information about 3D printing in general I’d be happy to help, just shoot me a PM.

Already planning my next build once I get over this temporary financial situation.

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