Rocket Freeflow and Rocket Dual

Hey all,

I’m looking to get into electric skateboarding. I’ve recently been looking at the Torque boards over at , namely the Freeflow, and the Rocket dual. However, I haven’t seen any reviews or anything regarding these boards, so I’m hoping to see what the community thinks before diving in on them.

Freeflow link: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torque-rocket-freeflow/

Rocket Dual link: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torque-rocket-dual/

If anyone has any thoughts here to help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks guys

Torqueboards has been a pretty established vendor for a while and many people are using his products without many complaints. I’m using his mechanical kits along with his motors and VESCs and haven’t run into any issues and everything has been quite durable. If it matches the specs listed, and from what I can tell it seems too, than those boards are definitely great value for money if you’re looking for a compact cruiser that can tackle hills.

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No one has them yet because this is a preorder! This looks great and I might buy it

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So are hub motors better or are the belt drive ones better?

Or are both of their motors good?

Those hubs look pretty small TBH so I’m pertty sure that the belt drive would deliver higher preformance.

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Belt drive is more durable/reliable by far. Hub motors are nice and work great. The ones we have for sale now are great but if your trying to climb a 25-30% incline 10-20 times over… I’d want to be on a dual belt drive setup vs a hub motor anyday. Flat ground, you’ll be fine though.

We’re just waiting on the decks which should be available any week now :slight_smile:


Ok that sounds great, thank you for chiming in on that!

I guess another question for you here. How easy is it to replace the battery on your boards? I would like to purchase a second to keep in a backpack while riding and swap when it runs out.

@itsgreekpete - Yeah, would take about 20-30 seconds to remove the bolts. I’d use 4x of the 6x M4 screws and perhaps use “shorter” screws that way less time to “unscrew” then you’d just need to pull off the XT90 plug and put in the other battery. The battery will be sit in with a strip of adhesive velcro.

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This board definitely seems like a winner.

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dexter the deck looks great.

the hub motors though on your site you say they do the 25 and 30 degree angles of san francisco. :expressionless:

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@Hummie - They can, you just need to go up with speed but I wouldn’t do it too many times in a row. Better to use a belt drive setup for steep hills IMO.

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What do you mean in a row? Like back to back in one use?

Also when is the expected ship date on the rocket duals?

@shnaru - Yeah, back to back. You just want to minimize heat and going back to back up a steep hill especially without any speed will increase heat for hub motors. The more speed you have the better. You can’t start and go up a hill like you can with a belt drive setup because of the lack of gearing but with speed you can go up some pretty steep hills. We just had a customer who’s topping 39mph with a 12S with Dual 130KV Hub Motors lol. I wouldn’t recommend it for others but goes to show you how much power DIY boards put out. Personally, I don’t go nowhere near that fast.

Dual motor belt drive setup you can go up hills back to back with no issues. Hub motors for flat grounds, higher top speed. Belt drive for torque, power and durability.

They should start shipping out Early February.

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Its cool to see how much price reduce can occur. 999$ for a single carbon fiber deck, lithium ion battery is pretty decent!

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Hi, I was looking to buy your carbon deck. I was curious about the rectangular hole on the top of deck, is it a clear fiberglass cover? or just a hole? Also is the deck in any way waterproof?

@fababuba As of now, it will be open, the battery components (On/Off Switch, Battery % Indicator, 2x USB, Charging Port) will be shown through the window. We’re planning on adding a waterproof cover which will cover it. The bottom is waterproof.

Is it possible to get it without the cutout?

I’m really liking the Torque Rocket Free Flow. I’m I the only one that thinks the motor on the Torque Rocket Dual is way too close to the ground? It looks like it would really hit and scrape just about everything. Wondering if the motor could be moved, say to the rear, kind of like Evolve boards.

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yeah, this is a sweet deck. The motors looks OK to me; provide enough clearance to the ground. To be honest on such deck, I will not put motor to the rear.

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Yea I preordered the dual and that is precisely my concern.