Rocket Freeflow and Rocket Dual

Interesting, thanks for the idea! May end up doing that when i get my freeflow ! :slight_smile:

@torqueboards can the Rocket dual be run in foc mode? I don’t have any experience using the bldc tool, so if so how does one do this?

I remember reading that someone asked for the Rocket dual to be shipped with FOC mode enabled and the recipient was obliged. How you configure FOC mode, i don’t know.

Someone who received the freeflow already made a video about it :slight_smile:

FOC mode is hella quiet from the video!

Also, Dexter has a few videos on his youtube on how to configure the Vesc. Here is the FOC one.


what does foc mode do?

I thought this post described it pretty well


FreeFlow is pre-configured in FOC. Dual is pre-configured in BLDC although you can use FOC/Sensored. I like the Dual BLDC mode a bit better but FOC/Sensored is pretty awesome in itself once you try it.

Thanks for all the feedback for those whom shared their feedback. I’ll be definitely looking into it.

Waiting to test the longer trucks which would be a nice benefit for those who have the Dual… I’ll check to see perhaps we can use an adapter which allows us to mount the Hub Motors on it too which will be nice.


As much as I like the torque with the dual I’m feeling like this particular deck wants hub motors mounted on some nice wide trucks. The deck could be lowered and the motor mounts grinding the deck would no longer be an issue.

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I’ll be getting my dual tomorrow (fingers crossed). I’m curious to see if I get the same issues with the motor mounts rubbing the deck. Thank you guys for your updates and solutions to any problems that arise. I’ll try to post my findings after I’ve had a few solid hours with the board.

Cheers guys!

I’m excited!! :metal:

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I just ordered 98a (hard) bushings to replace the stock ones and will be changing the motor mount angle slightly. I’m considering flipping the motors and mounting them on the back. The damage to the deck due to the mounts is really starting to bother me.

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Hey @Gizmo! Thanks for posting your possible solutions. Have you or @itsgreekpete tried adding an 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 in riser to the board to see if that helps any? I know most people want the board as low as possible so maybe you guys don’t want to raise it up a bit.

The motor mounts scratching the deck would not do for me either. We will have to find a solution… I noticed you are going hard with the bushings… yikes!! I am only 130 lbs and I usually ride bushings that are around 80a or even softer. I almost always have to swap bushings on anything I ride. I can’t imagine putting hard bushings in there to solve the problem. That seems like it would kill the “feel” of the board and make it so carving is not enjoyable. Please let me know how it goes for you! Basically if I’m understanding correctly, if I like my trucks set up loose to carve, then I’m definitely going to get some damage to my board from the mounts rubbing?? Sounds like that’s the case.

Thanks again guys and Dexter @torqueboards for trying to find solutions. You rock!! :metal:

I’m sure we’ll figure this out.

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May I suggest throwing some tape down under the mounts in the mean time?

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The board itself is pretty tall already, and putting risers on it to make it even taller wouldn’t be ideal, at least for me. Mounting the motors on the back would solve both the deck run, and allow the board to be dropped. A win/win scenario.

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why not dremel out the deck where the motor mounts are rubbing?

Alright! My dual arrived. Looks nice but I won’t dare ride this thing with its current setup :face_with_head_bandage: Besides the back motor mounts touching the deck when you lean on it, the worse issue is the front wheels biting the board. I weigh 130 lbs. I’m a skinny s**t… and if I can barely lean on the board before the front wheels touch the deck then there is a big problem.

The immediate solution would be an extra 1/2" maybe even 9/16" risers… but that would make this the tallest eboard I’ve ever stepped foot on and would compromise any stability at speed. @torqueboards hi Dexter, are your test riders lighter than me? I don’t know how anyone who weighs more than 100lbs could ride this board without getting wheel bite. Please let me know in a PM or in this thread what your idea is to make this board rideable.

To change bushings and tighten trucks is obvious, but then you won’t have a fun board to ride anymore. I’ll let some of my eskate friends see the board this evening and see if we can come up with some ideas.

Cheers guys!

Unfortunately, since it’s a CF deck, you would pretty much destroy it with a dremel… at least aesthetically.

@DaviDjembe - Are you leaning on it non-riding or riding? Typically, non-riding you lean more than if your actually riding. I’m 180 and have no wheelbite. 1/2" more riser seems too much. You can adjust the motor mount to face slightly lower which will fix the motor mount from hitting the deck.

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Thanks for your quick reply, man. I wasn’t riding at speed I was just standing on it to test it out. But I know bite when I see it. I like to carve and I know I don’t have enough clearance here. Locking down the trucks and replacing the bushings is fine if you want to go straight and fast. But that’s only half the fun :slight_smile: I’ll spend some time tonight and I’ll see what I can come up with. Cheers

Yeah, very true…I’ll see what I can do too. The longer trucks should help.

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