Rocket Hollow Core Deck For Sale [In Stock]

Hello eskate community!

For the past 4 years, I’ve heavily invested my energy into solving a commuting issue of mine. I needed to get from my house to my university in one of the hilliest cities in the world, and I needed more power that I should ever put into a board to make up for me running late so I don’t miss my test, lol. I started small, and quickly worked my way to quad drive. But that wasn’t enough, so double sized motors were needed.

I also wanted a clean solution, as I would be carrying said (illegal) board around campus, where it was banned, so it was important that campus police not think it’s electric. This deck, when paired with hub motors, is often viewed as a regular long board, not an electric longboard, when not in use.

Ont of my biggest problems has been with design. It seems like a lot of eskate products are designed and sold by businessmen, not skateboarders. I’ve been a daily skater for 13 years now, heavily invested in the street skateboarding scene. I needed something that felt like the way a skateboard should feel when ridden.

The goal was simple: 12s4p or larger, with 4x vesc’s, with hummie hubs.

After messing with the numbers, I found many options would work:

  • 12s3p with diebiems and dual/quad vesc
  • 12s4p with charge only bms and dual vesc
  • 12s5p with charge only bms and a single vesc

And that’s just with the 18650 cell. Then there’s the 21700 cells, which also can be used as a:

  • 12s4p with charge only bms and dual vesc
  • 12s3p with full bms and dual/quad

And more…

With a 12s4p of the 30T cell for example, you could do 140 amps continuous with the safer lithium ion chemistry. This is a game changer for those who want a lot of power, but still an “in deck” battery solution.

Then there’s the price. Current Hollow core decks today are mostly in the $300+ range, with some as high as $600. The price needs to come down. This is not possible with hand crafted small batch artisan boards, like @chaka’s deck. The labor is just too high.

But don’t get me wrong, there is a difference. Ollin decks final quality shows though, as you get perfection instead of good quality. The rocket deck as it stands today is not a highly polished product. It has a glossy clear coat, clean sanded design, don’t get me wrong about that. But there as a few imperfections, such as the lid being slightly too large in some places, and it doesn’t have any extra features.

To get this project off the ground and into production, I need to start somewhere though. The end goal is a more refined product, at a higher price of course due to the extra labor. But to start with, this is an “as is” new deck, with very minor imperfections such as the lid being too large in some places. This is easy to fix, it would take about an hour of time and some sand paper, and maybe some clear coat for the edge as well. And it will then look flawless.

This is a blank canvas… No branding… No details… No glitter… No paint… But it’s a great platform for an artist to put into the final details to turn this into a true piece of art cough cough @Sender lol.

The price also reflects the lack of extra details. It can also be ridden as is with no extra work, and it will still look great!

Size of each internal pockets is 650mm x 85mm x 22mm, and there’s 2 pockets.

The top mount only fits paris base plates, for a clean, low hugging to the ground profile and riding feel. You can still bottom mount any truck also.

Here are the options:

  • No frits, no glits, plain deck, which includes deck, lid, screw inserts, and stainless steel screws - $150 plus shipping
  • With griptape applied, which includes deck, lid, screw inserts, and stainless steel screws - $160 plus shipping

Shipping in the US is around $35-$50. I will include the cost of the pertty box also in the shipping cost, which is a few bucks. If someone wants to volunteer to ship out the orders in Europe, I can send one batch to said volunteer which may simplify things. This needs to be a trusted member of the community however.

All decks will be shipped Next Wednesday, May 29th. Decks are in stock, but I am waiting on more screws, and card board to make my custom boxes. I also have Wednesdays off work, and It will take a few day’s to put all of the inserts in the deck, and package everything. One mass shipping will help with the efficiency of everything.

This is a first come, first serve basis. Only 20 decks are in stock!

To order, please PM me your paypal and address, and which option you would like. I will calculate shipping costs, which I will be added to the invoice I send you!

Thanks for the support everyone, and I’m excited to offer a lower cost (yet high quality), hollow core deck to the community!








Have pictures of one with trucks mounted up?

Have you tried pneumatics with this deck? Does the cutaway provide enough clearance with say TB218?

top mount is usually used to mean the deck is mounted on top of the trucks. I think you mean drop-through here, and top mount when you say bottom mount

May 29th is today :wink:

That was the plan… Until screws didn’t fit and I didn’t solve the packing problem. No offense to hummie, but I’d prefer to not use flower boxes taped together and make the packaging a like cleaner.

I haven’t tried it pnuematics, though I can’t see why this would be an issue. It’s the same shape as the hummie deck, with just a slightly different nose and tail shape.

She thicc looks good


@evoheyax I DM’s ya a few links for packaging options - I ship a lot of decks!


I’ll get some more photos soon as I build one out!

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@evoheyax 3 quick questions. 1 how much does it weight. 2. What type of wood is it? Hard Rock Maple and 3. Is it possible to get it unfinished/ what’s the price for it unfinished?

  1. 6.4 lb with screws, inserts, deck and lid.
  2. Russian hard maple. Better winters than china for growing maple, so it’s a much harder maple.
  3. They all have a finish on them already, so best I can tell you is to sand off the clear coat. It’s not that hard to do, just will take a bit of time.

I seriously want to build this… like, my HAYA gets here this Friday. But fuuuuuuck…

Thanks for the answers. Good job with the russian maple I don’t trust the china maple I get Canadian or Wisconsin hard maple. Sanding clear coat off is by far one of my least favorite things to do as it take forever to make sure all of this is off. Since I’m wood burning if there is a thin layer and I burns over it then you are fucking up the pen creating toxic fumes from the burning clear coat especially the spray clear coats that most board companies use.

The pockets need to be just 1 or 2mm deeper to fit NESE modules.

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Wouldnt be too hard to make a gasket.

A gasket is actually quite easy to make. I might make a mold for one myself in the new future.

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Any decks still available?

Off topic but ever try a carbon filtered extraction fan, like used in soldering?

No because you are usually really close to the piece your working on. Plus you would still have to sand it off as the clear coat will melt on the pen and then you would have to try to clean it off the pen which would be like cleaning melted plastic off a stove top.

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thanks for the explanation, makes sense

Yes, decks are still available! Please ok me to purchase!

I just sanded a corner off yesterday. Took 5 minutes to take a few layers off of the edge.

Again, this deck is what you make it. Ilyou can ride it as it is, which is fine, or put some extra work into it to make it unique.