Rocks in between belt and pulley?

Might be a dumb question, but need to know before going out and buying parts. Has anyone ever had a rock Come in between their belt and pulley?

Its not a big issue, it causes more wear on the belts and can dent plastic pulleys but I wouldn’t worry unless you plan to drive through fine gravel all the time

Very rarely do I encounter that problem and usually you can tell. You just need to get the debris out and change a belt worst case scenario. I always bring spare belts with me on rides.

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Happens to me every now and then. Small rocks can get wedged inside the belt! On in the teeth of a pulley. Does not break anything but for sure shortens the belts life.

Might make a weird noise but will not lock a wheel, least has not for me. Just stop and pick it out.

3d print a cover for it!

My latest build picks up rocks like they’re supposed to be in there. Some days none. Some days every mile or so. It’s been a fight. But a worthy fight. Haven’t gotten a rock stuck in two days now!


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