Roll to start or the police will take it away (EU)

I have a trampa kaly built by the man him self. Right now in dublin ireland the garda are taking electric scooters, one wheels and skateboards Unless you can show them that it needs a push before the motors will kick in. So the vescs are escape . If any one has a way of doing this let me know.

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Depends what Vesc/esc he is using.

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Escape hw 6.4

Easiest way I can think of is to unplug the sensor cables on your motors. That way it won’t move until you give it a push.

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What? That sounds like a very strange rule to have, but I guess it’s safer that way. Some people in the push to start switch tread have had a faulty batch where the switch would turn off instantly when the wheels weren’t spinning. Although it’s bad for them, this would be perfect for you :smiley: You could try reaching out to see if someone would sell you their broken one.

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If you dont need to push with your foot you need road tax but you cant get that. Its a mpv

I agree with above, get a push to start switch and ask the creator @Martinsp if he could custom code yours so that it turns off within a few seconds that the wheels stop

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That’s going to be fun at each street corner you need to stop a second to look if a car is coming from the other side :joy:


You can setup the shut down speed yourself, I don’t know if such a short time is possible though

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I changed the title so people recognize it more :wink:

I prefer to kick off when starting anyway. It feels more natural


minimum time is 5 minutes according to the calculator Martin has online

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I changed your title slightly. It seemed click baity the way it was.


All the turning on and off is only going to kill it faster as well :man_shrugging:

really seems like a lose lose situation x.x

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Yeah but keep in mind it takes 5-10s till your escs run again and have connection to your remote. Means each time you stop it takes 5-10s till everything works again.

You could put an arduino between the receiver and the VESC, connected to it via UART, would be a pretty simple code

Basically the arduino will read the ERPM from the VESC and only allow throttle if is turning above a set rpm, brakes would always work for safety


Does it really take that long? Mini remote connects within 2 sec very time

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What @Pedrodemio said. Reliable and cost effective too. And turning on / off a switch repeatedly could be risky given the failure rate of current AS modules ?

BTW is it possible via VESC-TOOL to set an ERPM dead zone under which the board doesn’t react to remote input?


Put a tiny “alternator” on the drive motor and a transistor in the data line from the remote, if the motor RPM is to low the voltage will not be enough to pass the remote data and you won’t accelerate, this may also be an awful idea but it’s cheaper than an aduino and much simpler

On the kaly i have to pair the remote every time it powers on. The vescs need to have power allthe time or i wonder does the receiver only need ti have power all the time