Rookie Mistake, Programing a FocBox & Battery Size?

First time build, I ordered motors 6374 & battery 42v, started assembling my eboard and the motors were to long to fit between the wheels with the mounts. I had to investigate and found 6364 would fit fine, but they’re only rated to handle 37v. To my question, I have a FocBox Unity for my ESC, I’m wondering if, in the programing (that I haven’t been to yet), can I control the amount of voltage delivered from the ESC to the motors, through the settings? From a 42v bat, to only deliver 37v at most to the motors at any time? Or should I go ahead and start shopping for a new battery? Answers from anyone with experience programing a Focbox Unity, I do appreciate it

You have a 10s battery that when fully charged will be at 42 volts (10x4.2vdc).

Your motor is nominally rated at 37 volts which is the average voltage of a 10s battery. (10x3.7 vdc)

That motor will run just fine at 42 volts.


Thanks for responding, I should’ve included more info… My battery is 12s 2p Lipo 44.4v nominal & I think 50v fresh charge. (The bat has been sitting for a while 42.2 is it’s current charge level, I shld’ve been more specific) It hasn’t been on a charger yet. Can the Voltage delivery be reduced thru the ESC programming? or is that to much for Turnigy 6364? Thanks

That will depend on the version of Turnigy 6374 you have as they make a few.

The voltage cannot be lowered via the ESC.

Looking at the spec sheets for a few Turnigy motors a few say they are rated for 12s lipos but then say 44 volts max which doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

Unless the specification page says something like 8s lipos or less then there is probably no reason why it would be an issue as the winding insulation is not really a limiting factor at these voltages.

Ooooohhhh boy. Dont worry about the motors voltage too much. 6374, 6364, 6355… hell even 5055 can be used with 10s or 12s batteries. Just know what your battery can output and follow setup wizard. Keep motor amps around 50- 60 max and you should be finnee

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