Routing wires through 3D printed cable risers

I had some risers printed to route my cables through:

I got 5.5mm bullets to put inside.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what AWG gauge wires I should get for this?

Also, does anyone have any thoughts as to whether I should clip the FOCBOX bullets and solder the wires from the risers directly to it? Not necessary/convienient, right?


10 or 12 gauge should be fine. I wouldn’t suggest taking the bullet connectors completely off the FocBox’s. Just replace them with 5.5mm bullets, then make extensions to the risers.


I used 12AWG turnigy silicone wire for mine. Works great! I believe 10AWG doesn’t fit, since it’s too thick.


A little bit of topic, are you making a 3WD board?


Awesome, very clean. Maybe I should go with 10AWG though since I don’t have the little wire dividers printed on mine and it will be a little more snug that way.

Lmao no but now that you mention it…:thinking:

Third motor for a cocktail mixer?

you got the file for that?

Yeah I found it on this forum somewhere…I think the thread was called “3D printables for eskate” or something like that. I can send them to you later when I’m on my comp if you can’t find them

I second that. I use exactly the same risers with 12awg silicone wire. I think they are specifically sized for 12 awg wire. 10awg will not fit.

In mine the dividers fell off. Even without dividers there is just enough space for 12awg wire.

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They are on thingiverse

The description says: “You will need to use 12AWG wire …”


oh dang. I have 10 awg wire. Can you guys take a picture of your riser on the board. I wanna see how it looks like. I’m guessing the rise is to make the wire neat and in place.

Here it is


did you use 5.5 mm bullet connectors? I tried them on and it doesn’t really fit.

EDIT: I just use the hammer and it works.


I used a round file to make the holes slightly bigger. Never thought of using a hammer - this sounds easier.

IMG_20190217_235259 IMG_20190217_235316

With these bullet connectors being so close to each other, is there a risk of them shorting? Just curious. How likely or possible is that?

Some look like they are touching already you can do pretty much the same thing with Riptide’s tunnel riser.

So I shouldn’t use it then? Is this a risk?

I wouldn’t use it. Those bullets look like they’re touching. Last thing you want is for those to short out on you while riding.