Roxxy esc fire!

Scary day today! I was riding along a little bike path carving gently and enjoying the day. Next thing i know ive got a fireball at my feet while going ~25mph!!! I was able to disconnect power within probably 5 seconds but my battery seems to have sustained some damagage too (maybe not too bad). There’s small circles embedded into the enclosure where my battery sits as the bottoms of the batterieries heated-up so much they started melting the pelican case! Any longer with the batteries and i would have had thermal run away for sure. The one esc disintegrated!

Not sure of the cause, i was just cruising at half throttle on a flat road. Got lucky, be safe!


Not the first one.same thing happened to @Nowind. He might be able to tell you more about it.

Fuck man, I’m sorry! Were you injured?

Yes, this has happened before with Roxxys (twice iirc), though I’ve been under the impression that added capacitors would resolve the problem (especially since the battery wires were fairly short on this build). Perhaps I should’ve added more cushion under the ESCs. I’m really sorry this happened man! Hope you, and the rest of the board are ok!

Sorry to read about your Firework

Two Problems i ocured with the Roxxys :

1: Extra Cap Banks needet. 2: Protection for Vibration and Enclosure to prevent debris entering inside.

Glad you are okay Cheers Jens


Shoot me a pm if you wanna do a refund. This really sucks, wasn’t expecting that!


no that wouldn’t be fair i know these things happen dude!


Lemme know if you change your mind bro, I feel really bad about this.

Dang, that’s unfortunate… but you know what’s super awesome? The board itself survived! :smiley: If you’re lucky, maybe the batteries too. Silver linings and all that, eh? I’ve seen some sad photos where every last bit of someone’s expensive board went up in flames :disappointed:

Electrical Short

Yes I agree the Roxxy Controllers are pieces of sht, had a fire myself, even with suggested added yge caps and airflow. Originally started with the chinese vescs maytech and those caught fire, thought upgrading would solve the issue, had lite fuses on the battery lines as well, the problems with the boards themselves, cheap parts who knows, was looking to upgrade to vesc 6.41 but with only a 6 month warranty I think I might get raped again, I mean isnt it standard for warranty to be 1 year? It seems if you want things done right nowadays you have to do it yourself, which means building the vesc yourself from ground up, but really I think Im going to look into kelly controllers for electric motorcycles because they are built much better, will see. I might just stick with gas engines, you can throw them off a cliff without any of these bs issues.


Thank you for the feedback! I feel concerned because I built an electric mountainboard with these ROXXY ESCs.

Il rode maybe 150 or 200 km without any problem. Very satisfied with them.

But if fire comes to my ankle at 40-45 km/h, then I won’t be very glad…

I tried to keep power cables as short as possible (they could be shorter though).

Does anybody else ride with ROXXY ESCs too and has never faced fire issues?

I dont want to rain on your parade if its going well, as it seems like it is, just be prepared all Im saying. I dont take things apart when I get them brand new like breaking seals and labels that would void any warranties for obvious reasons but maybe If I had, I might have found the issues before even powering them up and just replaced the parts then and there. I have done cell phone and laptop board smd reflow before so Im not incompetent. Its not hard to replace components, but when there is a fire, instead of just a spark, everything goes to sht and you just have to start with a new pcb. On the positive side I have decided to go with vesc 6s after doing some more reading since you can easily program bluetooth black box event recording feature similarly used in the auto industry.