RS components for belts and ancilliaries

To anyone that doesn’t know especially my aussie brothers and sisters RS components do a whole range of lovely stuff, belts of a very high quality, every connector you can think of, wiring etc and deliver next day. I’ll say that again next day!! The belts especially are top notch and all sizes. Well worth a look.

If you all already know this then I’m an idiot and don’t be too harsh I’m a sensitive soul.


Yeah, got my Raptor 1 belts from RS. They are ok but pricey. I had the feeling the the belts from Enertion were extraordinary better.

Trust me enertion would not use continental belts for resale. this I’m sure of!

When building price has always been secondary to me but quality is foremost and to receive your order the next day well that just makes me smile.

Never said they were continental but ones for sure they hold up for about 800-900km which I never got out from the RS belts.

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This site seems to sell legit stuff

did anyone try their belts?