RSpec & Co: where are all the 8mm shaft motors (EU)?

heya, I was looking for motors for my trampa that was supposed to be ready when the new urethane hub wheels come out - so still some time to go probably.

stumbled about a really weird problem: after enertion now scrapped all their DIY parts (why I wonder - the demand should be there?), alienpowersystem and have only 10mm motors, the ONLY 8mm shaft motors that are still available is the maytech 6355 unikboards motor for 130€+shipping (wah?!) and the dymond gtx 6374, which has only one distributor in germany who is out of stock.

seems the only reasonable option nowadays is buying SK3s from hobbyking? anybody got any good tips?

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I use the Esk8 Market 6354 190 kv motor and its great :slight_smile:. 8mm Shaft.

@JLabs @ajaynagra

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Only have 6374 left

ah yea, np in the US but I meant EU. think Ill just buy two sk3s :no_mouth:

What’s wrong with sk3s? Alienpowersystem has 10 mm ones, but you can have the shaft reworked as far as I know.

Hope this helps.

except for the lack of silicone exit wires and a keyed shaft, they are great imo. not too fond of the chrome looks, but thats not a big issue. ordered 2x sk3 6364 now for 135€!

found the shaft rework of aps too recently, but then i pay 100bp again for a motor (rework is 20bp) …

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ProtoBoards is a little afforbable than Unik, but suffer lack of stocked items.

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nice tip, ty!

its too bad that so many sources go for 10mm, dont really get it. shaft is the last thing i would expect to break. :neutral_face:

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here you go: Shoot them an email, sensorless usually 90$ with sensors 105$

Hi @whitepony , I have 170kv motors 8mm shaft with keyway in EU, look here

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What is shipping on those? AFAIK they only send DHL express which will cost a fortune by itself. you could probably get two motors from protoboards for the price of one Maytech from china. (DHL will charge a minimum 12€ fee just for doing the taxation for you, then you need to add 20% tax plus shipping)

nice offer, i actually like the 6355 most, just the KV I needed, I ordered some and cancelling my HK order - saves me the trouble of silicone modding & key plus the color is nice too! :slight_smile:

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Yes experienced that. Well @fedestanco still got some cool sealed motors for sale.

Thank you Simon!! You will receive them soon :sunglasses: I appreciate you like my stuff!! Thanks again and enjoy your builds!! Feel free to contact me whenever you need :muscle:

Not really. Sold out.

@whitepony Hi! Did you take them from international warehouse?

Is it just me but it looks like the hobbyking has ‘‘cut down’’ on EU supply of motors, for me they show up only 2 motors, one was 6354 260kv I think and the second one was 6374 192kv.

If so, how much customs tax someone is expected to pay if getting a motor from there (Int site) ?

Non the less, with such decision hobbyking has just ‘propelled’ the interest to get motors from other places…

I ordered motors from the UK warehouse, so no extra taxes (yet, lets see what happens after brexit). somehow Im gold customer (not sure how that happened?), so I get stuff even a little bit cheaper. the SK3 6364 245KV was only 70€ :slight_smile:

@whitepony Cool, yeh I knew uk had more stock… but someone convinced they dont normally ship outside of uk…

Thanks for letting me know, this gives some more options in motor / parts choice then :slight_smile: