Rubber hub motors, and 10s2p battery 50$ [for sale]hubs 60$

They are both from starkboards, one just had a powerbank attached to it

I honestly am new to this esk8 thing so I’m not an expert on these

My bad, I know I logged less then 40 and checked the app and I’ve only logged 18.5 miles on one, and the other has about 33 miles logged on it

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How much do you guys think they are worth considering they are lightly used

I’d say they are both lg mf1 cells then. That’s okay for smaller boards or portable chargers

Are they not good for esk8, they worked just fine for me?

Nah they are fine for small cruiser boards, but they can only handle a max of 20a so for high power boards they are not powerful enough

Bump still for sale

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Bump, hubs and wheels price reduced to 80, and battery is 50$ the one without heatsink

Bump, hubs now 60$

Bumpity bump, now take the battery and hubs together for 90$ or 50 fr hubs and 40 for battery!!!

It seems everyone hates hubs with their guts

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Just need to confirm what esc these would work with.

It works with any esc without the sensor cables, but you have to rewrite the sensor wires for them to work with the sensors for better preformance

With the 3 connectors from the hubs, does not work with the 1 pin connector

Sold 10char

@mmaner @Namasaki, Please remove this thread because all the items have been sold

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