Rubber wheel for scooter

That tire is 6 inch,our factory also have other size, such as 7 inch, 8 inch, if you have inquiry, please leave message for us, thanks a lot


Do the wheels you are offering fit the dimensions of these hubs?

and/or these hubs as well?

Hi Friend, it is can be installed,

of cource, if you like the style what you sent, our factory is also have, may i know your email or our email is [email protected], we can send some details to you

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are you saying you can do the tire with both hub diameters? the two example hubs above have two diferent hub diameters.

Hi friend,

Normally that is made by 6*2 tire, this hub can be made with other pattern tires,if you like other size, please kindly tell me freely, may i know your email? if you do not like your email address in the public, please send to us via [email protected], thanks a lot

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