Rudolph|Arbor Axis|Gullwing Evolve Sidewinders| Ollin 200kv Dual Motors| vescs |10s4p

Could not resist the look of the arbour axis walnut collective series. I’m foremost a snowboarder who lives in the tropics. and couldn’t pass up the lines of this board.

Going to use gullwing sidewinders as evolve have already created great motor mounts which fit Chaka’s motor’s perfectly. I’m a little worried that the motors will rub on the board but will deal with that if it happens. Chaka’s motors turned up lightning fast from the US to Australia. Here in a week. Mount perfectly with the evolve sidewinder mount Not sure about battery yet, I may rob the case and spacecell from my tesseract but I don’t really want to cover all of the graphic up. I’ve ordered some enclosures from Dunkirk so I might see how well they fit, and get a custom battery from Sam from ballarat E-bikes here in Australia.


That board is so nice! Unless you with a super small battery, I don’t think you can leave much of the graphic there :confused:

Where did you get those mounts?

straight from evolve. Spares for my gt :wink:

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Finally started piecing this together just in time for Christmas ! Presenting… Rudolph! more bad dad jokes to follow

Robbed my bamboo gt for the evolve sidewinder hangers and fitted to my rasta gullwing sidewinders. Ollin motors are a perfect fit. I wanted to mount these drop there to help with stability but I can’t as the motors hit the rear of the deck. I am contemplating drilling another pair of mounting holes towards the back of the deck and using liquid nails around the base of the truck to secure them and give more clearance at the rear. Any thoughts?


Hi there, did you ever find a way to mount it drop through? I have an Arbor Mindstate collective series board (pintail drop through) and am considering converting it as well! :slight_smile:

I did - I re-drilled the mounting holes to the truck bracket and pinned it with another bolt for strength. angled the motor about 20 degrees from where it was. Sitting on a custom evolve now.


Whats the purpose of mounting a hybrid Evolve-Gulwing truck? The Gullwing seem a little cheaper in both, price and quality. Whats the advantage?

cheaper to buy the gulling trucks and just the evolve hangers. And gullwing trucks look way cooler.

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Those are original Evolve motor mounts? The motors are Ollinboards 5065 motors, right?

Upps!! I think I found a problem for my future installation if I pretend to do something like you. I just see how a bigger wheel may touch the motor axle. 'Am right? How big are your wheels in these images? Ollinboard motor comes with a larger axle. It’s longer. It protrudes a few mm and may touch a bigger wheel. What do you think? I intent to put 100mm MBS

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I have done a couple of builds where I chose to trim the motors shaft rather than move the motor mount inside. Sometimes the motor balance is more important than maintaining the shaft length. No biggie, just use a dremel with a cut off wheel. You can even put a grove 1mm from the end of the shaft and install circlip to make sure your pulley never pops off.

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I had to trim 5mm from the shaft. I use loctite pulley retainer and grub screws instead of a circlip. I also had to offset the mounts about 20 degrees so the motors didn’t hit the board.

I have never personally used a circlip to keep the pulley on, I don’t even use keyways. I find that pre-drilling the trucks and locktite on the grub screws works flawlessly. I also use a pry bar to tighten my motor clamps so they are pretty good regardless.

Is this board stuff enough for a 200lb rider

The arbor? Yeah no problems.