[RUMOR] ABEC11 closes down company - gone for good?

Just had word from one of my suppliers that ABEC11 have closed down the company.

@psychotiller you know Chris right? Is this real or am I getting dis-information?

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If this is for real…

What insane timing.

definitely not “fake news media”, but I could be getting wrong info from the supplier which is why I asked mr tiller if he knows anything


there is also the possibility that they are phoenixing the company


Lets hope @ChrisChaput can shed some light for us!


Haven’t we been through this before thinking they closed? Then they came out with reflys.

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nope, never had a wholesaler tell me they were closed, same supplier has mentioned it’s hard for them to get stock in the past, but not the company has closed

@Alphamail Do you know anything Brad?

Ouff if so I got hands on some 97’s from Muirskate Just Now

I was thinking of pick up some 90mm’s for my little tayto build but was like nah. Might rethink this now.

This is starting to sound like a good business move :joy:

He might rename the brand “closing down, everything must go” and then just keep it open for 30 years


After I posted I instantly was like wait… they’d want me to do this.

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That sucks… :frowning_face:


He saw that thread the other day. You guys hurt his feelings.


I hope not…their precision trucks are my favorite to ride. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some restructuring occurs on their end…and that means they could be out of business for a while.

I agree with you there trucks are great. If they do there will be a lot of companies looking for replacement wheels. Sk8trip distribution is the company that owns JET and Abec 11 there website is still up. I dont think they would close down and completely go out of business but definitely could see a restructure or re-branding happening

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Shit I hope this isn’t true… smaller 76-90mm esk8 wheels will die minus clones and kegels which suck… maybe it’s not true!

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Maybe an intresting investment possibility :thinking:

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Sad times of this is true. RIP centrax and flywheels.

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Man I really hope this doesn’t happen, I love my 97s and 107s, there’s just nothing like it