Run 10s Motor with 12S batteries? Over volt risk?

Hey so When I bought my motor way back I was originally planning on a 10s setup. Later on I forgot this detail when I had changed my mind to go with a 12s board. So here I am now with my two 6s LiPos in series and my motor 149kv/10s rated motor. Is it still possible to run the motor with the 12 setup? I wasn’t sure how strict the voltage rating tolerances are. My setup is as follows:

Motor: Batteries (2x in series): VESC BMS:

Sorry if this is a dumb question. If at all possible I’d really not want to have to order 2 new 5s batteries ($$$) so I’m hoping this will be ok.

its fine. voltage limits in the motor are only the enamel and bearings. enamel can do way more and you won’t be spinning near the bearing’s max likely. if you are you could get other bearings in it but really doubt you are