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Running 3 Lipos in series?

Hello all!

I’m working on my first Electric Longboard and I’m planning on starting out with 2x 3s Lipos in series, but I’m wondering if anyone has ever run 3x3s batteries in series successfully/safely. Later down the line I know I’ll be wanting more power and if this would work, I may just buy another 3s Lipo. I’ve done a bit of research but not really sure how or if this could even be done. I apologize if there’s already a similar post, but I’m still trying to get everything figured out.

I’m sure it’s fine you would have a 9s battery (not very common). You would have to charge all 3 batteries seperatley, I’m sure safety is fine as long as they are wired correctly

Welcome to the forum @Trademarc! Yes you can run 3 LIPOs in series. If you’ve got 3 3S LIPOs in series, you would then have a 9S battery. 9S is a little bit uncommon. You could get similar performance out of two 5S batteries in series for 10S. Poke around here, there are lots of examples of LIPOs in different configs. @trbt555 used 4 3S packs to get 12S check it out here:

Awesome, Thanks man!

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Also, could you possibly send me a link to those lunch boxes you used? I’m also building on a dervish!

The links are right there in the linked topic.

You can run as many cells in series as you like. There is no limit.

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excpet for vesc 60Volt limit

Not everyone is using VESC. What if i want to run a Zilla 72k HV?:smiling_imp:

Yes, you can run as many lipo packs in series as you like, as long as your Esc is capable of handling the voltage.
many Esc’s can only handle 6s. Others like the Vesc or Torqueboards can handle up to 12s voltage which is pretty much as high as high as it goes in this application.

Als long as ALL your components are capable of handling the voltage, that includes motors and any solid state switches and whatnot.