Running a $200 2028 motor on 44.4v?

So right now I’m running a 6374 with the vesc and 4 batterys all in parilell and I was going real quick I think around 40 but I haven’t been able to speed test it yet because my belt started sliping bc I didn’t use the baring on the gear from enershen but after I broke that I got the truck cut and i am just waiting on the new belt and remote, but my question was could I buy the 2028 motor and use that with the vesc because it has all the same mounting as my old motor, I want it to go like 50-60 so I can go on a 45mph road to school and be passing cars let me know what you think, thanks

50-60? MPH? :scream:

Also what 2028 motor are you talking about? Sounds awkwardly small

Search 2028 motor iv only seen one person use this on a board, he was going 55 and only running 12v

The motor can is almost 8 inches.

Will that fit between the wheels without limiting turning?

ok that is anything but small. But at 60mph esk8ing on a regular “to school” level is just asking for serious injuires.

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Ya it fits with half inch to spair, I just don’t know if the vesc can supply enough juice for it

maybe can use two motor mounts to hold it in place.

is it 800 kv?

What kv motor, voltage, gears, and size wheels do you have now?

Right now I’m using a 190kv but that motor I’m talking about is 800kv, I’m running 4 11.1 zippy in parilel so 44.4v but it will charge more than that so more like 56v the gear is the 12mm wide belt from enershen with there wheel gear and I have 97mm flywheels from abec but there old af so I ordered nock off $20 97mm flywheels

I think the one I got now would be fine I got my local welding shop to help me out and it’s strong as fuck ,ya 800kv

Try it for science :wink:

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This sounds deadly… Actually tho how fast is the estimated top speed? @Mikeomania12 you may want to see this :smiley:

I’d say it won’t be effecient because of erpm limits on vesc 4.12 (read the above thread for more info).

Prepare for some serious heat… I can’t imagine the motor or esc staying cool enough to touch with a setup like that.

So that motors at the limit of what the vesc is capable of?

That sounds a bit crazy to go 60mph on a board, but I am waiting on the video of you passing cars for sure

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O, it’s over that

Basically the higher the kV, the lower the voltage you can throw at it. Some good scenarios: 10s 190kV, 6s 270kV.

I think you mean series because parallel would be 12v total. Don’t charge to 56v it’s 4.2 volt max (50.4). I don’t think the vesc will be able to supply enough Amps for such a high kv. Maybe change motor pulley to higher teegth(20t). I hope you’re wearing full face helmet and full leathers because you’re going to get us all banned from the road if you go down. Personally i think you’re putting to much faith in your electronics that can fail at any moment.

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Ya I’ll probably just stick with the motor I have It still goes crazy fast, Iv Alredy busted ass and was dripping blood I hit my head and scraped up the rest of my body but I still want more