Running a hub motor rated for 10S on 12S battery


I bought this hub motor:

and it is rated for 10S max voltage would it be a good idea to run it off a 12S battery with a VESC to get more speed sins it’s a dual hub motor setup and they are pretty beefy?

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Well it says max 42V so that’s a 10S charged, I should stay to max 10S but you can always test it :wink: It’s like 8V more than max voltage. If you’re using a higher voltages rated for esc’s and vesc’s that won’t be very healthy but for a motor I think it will not be a big problem.

watch you motor, motor wire & connection temps… hubs can be hot and clocking the voltage will likely increase temp…

Well I need a certain answer for that from an experienced person for that I don’t wanna risk my motors for that.

Nobody is going to tell you anything different than what @Cobber said. If you can’t afford new hubs, don’t do it, if you can then be my guest. No one here knows if your setup will work or fail for sure though. I recommend you don’t run them on 12s, hubs get hot enough as is

There are variables, it might be fine. It might not. If you are not confident, do more research. I have read quite a bit on the EV forums, I think I can manage it so I am giving it a crack. If you are not sure, don’t. Mind you I have big motors and a 5:1 reduction gearing system, with special high temp capable magnets so…

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Noooooo I was so close to filling the entire front page with my name :sob:


The short answer is, theoretically it is possible. There are online sites discussing overvolting electrical motors, but I think what I remember is something along the lines of efficiency dropping. These motors do have a maximum wattage where you can use Ohm’s law to do bench tests at 12S. Ideally, just run the motor at the voltage it was rated for. No need to try breaking the motor.

Yes, motorhubs can be overvolted. I the ebike world we do it all the time. No, you shouldn’t do it. Those hubs are not vented and due to the small size maybe they don’t cool down in time. You could fry them on intense use.

Well, whatever happened to your board? Did you do it? Did it work? What was the outcome?

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