Running mbs all terrain wheels on matrix 1 trucks?

Hi everyone,

I looked on the forum for quite a while and didn’t seem to find anyone running mbs all terrain wheels (100mm urethane) on matrix trucks. 13406%20-%20MBS%20All%20Terrain%20longboard%20Wheel%20-%20Green%20-%20Main


Has anyone tried to run these wheels on the standard 12mm axles?

If not what solutions is there for me? Here’s a couple ideas I had:

  • Turning down the stock axles on a lathe to get 9.525mm axles
  • Buying replacement 9.525mm axles (didn’t find anywhere to buy some)
  • Turning my own axles in Cromoly
  • Sell/trade my matrix trucks and get trampa street carver trucks (my least favorite because budget is tight

Looking foward to see what you guys come up with!!

Best regards.