Running Motor with a Magnet missing

Hi, I am currently using TorqueBoards 6374 motor which I bought a while ago. One of the magnets in the motor broke in two, and I am currently contacting TorqueBoards for a replacement magnet. I have removed the loose magnet, and the other broken end is still stuck within the motor. Since I live in the UK, and shipping to here will take some time, I was wondering if i could still run the motor as usual for now, since I have already removed the loose end. I am running the motor unsensored, and currently dont have any spare motors.

Decided to make a post since I couldnt see any others about people still using their motors after removing the loose magnet before repairing (gluing a new magnet on, or replacing the can)

i dont think that anybody have tried.

I might work with some studder i am thinking

it won’t work well enough to be worth the risk of damaging it further. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to sit back and wait a bit.

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reattach the loose magnet with a small amount of epoxy. .

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Make sure it’s the correct epoxy!

You need to make sure that the motor is balanced at a minimum. Otherwise it could easily spin its self apart, violently.

Well then he could also remove magnets to balance it. Remove one on the opposite side and you’re good.

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