Running one sensor, one sensorless motor, Dual MTB setup with Focbox unity

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just a quick question.

I am gathering parts for an MTB build. I already have one sensorless 6374, and am going to order another one for the build. Id like the advantage of a sensored setup. Will the focbox be able to handle a single sensor dual motor setup? I imagine that if doable, one motor will provide torque during runup, and the other will shake around until it gets a sense (ha!) of where it is.

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One motor sensored and one motor unsensored is just fine.

The unsensored one will stutter a little right at 0.0km/h, but it’s better than two unsensored motors. Unsensored isn’t really that bad anyway. It’s a skate, you can always push or just flick your hip to get it moving.


You can run one sensored and one un-sensored. I had to do it with my dd’s because a few wires in the sensor cable came loose and I can’t be asked to fix it. Didn’t quite work in my case because a single drive at 40 batt amps doesn’t have enough power to get me moving on it’s own from stop but your case might be different since you are gearing it down in your drive train. It still might not work offroad but it’s worth a shot.


Yes I ran unsensored on the regular boardwalk cruiser, but Ill will be relying on bindings on the MTB. I’ve been snowboarding since I was but a wee grom, and when i got on the MTB, I knew I wanted the security and control of a snowboard binding setup. Though, thats a matter for another post

A mere hip-flick will still get you rolling. You don’t need sensors except between 0.0km/h and 0.1km/h. Maybe if you’re stopped up a steep hill it may be an issue.


great thanks!