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RunPlayBack 18" ABS Enclosure for 4 x 3S Lipos & Single VESC

I made this simple enclosure for @Jeff Hi5ber Python so figured I’d throw it up in the marketplace. The Apone V1 is designed to house up to four Multistar High Capacity 3S 5200mAh Lipo packs, a single VESC and a standard 2.4ghz receiver. Mounting and motor holes are optional.

Exterior Measurements: L: 18" W: 7.5" H: 2" Internal Measurements: L: 15.75" W: 5" H: 1.50"

$35 Free US Shipping


Does it need a flat deck to mount on?

No it will flex to the concave. I’ve tested it on a Jet Spud deck which has a very extreme concave and its fine. I would recommend a stiff deck though.

I just might have to pick one of these up!

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Looks really nice! I’ll be picking this up once I receive my VESC from the next shipment.

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Are you making a bigger one for you dual CarVon, dual Vesc build? What will be size?

Yup I’m working on it this week since all my parts are coming in. It will be called the Sulaco V2 with a 2 piece design, can hold Space Cell + 2 VESCS with motor holes.

Exterior Dimensions: L: 24" W: 8" H: 1.75"
Interior Dimensions: L: 21" W: 5.25" H: 1.75"


In the future, I plan on getting a second set of 2x3s batteries and swapping them out once one runs low. How can I mount this case to my board and be able to hot swap them easily?

I plan on using some adjustable length clevis pins:

I should have some time over the next few days to complete my build and will post some pictures. The @RunPlayBack enclosures are stiff enough that putting a pin in each corner along with a gasket should be enough to keep everything out.

Interesting. I might do that than what I previously thought of.

I was going to use industrial velcro all around the enclosure, I’m still kind of skeptical, even if I have the strongest velcro out there.

a bolt and some wing nuts would be easier, cotter pins are more of a one use part.

@lilracerboi let’s see what @Jeff cooks up, he’s been thinking about this for quite some time in regards to the quickest way to hot swap. @delta_19 yup I could see that working as well. There’s a bit of a compromise between making it fully weatherproof and secure and being able to pop it on and off.

I’ve tried wingnuts on my first box I had, but I still found it cumbersome. Right now, I have a small clear plastic tackle box with the insides shaved out. It closes using clips and I found that to be the most convenient way to manage my components.

Here are some pictures of how mine turned out:

Seems like it will be pretty weather proof, the adjustable pin holes allow you to get some nice compression on the gasket. I can remove the lid in probably 10 seconds.


Looking sleek and clean Jeff! Kind of reminds me of my RC Truck days when I’d have to pop off the bodyshell to access the components. Can’t wait to ride man. #A2ESK8

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Looks really nice! What are you using to keep your components on the board?

Also, where did you get the gasket?

I just use low profile industrial strength velcro. Make sure you clean all the surfaces before putting it on though.

gasket is off of ebay. Search weather stripping. I think I got this:

There are a few different shape profiles, all pretty inexpensive.

Awesome, thanks. I plan on completely revamping my board with this enclosure and your idea of the clevis pins is nice. I’ll be using those now.

@Jeff shared some these pics with me last night. That Python looks great. Can’t wait to ride!


PM me when you get this done. I will be buying one for sure.