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RunPlayBack 23.5" ABS Enclosure for Lipos or Space Cell & Dual VESC

Just finished my dual enclosure build here so figured I’d place it in the marketplace for those interested. The Sulaco V2 is two piece system designed to house the Enertion 10S S.P.A.C.E. Cell Li-Ion Battery or four 3S 5200mAh Lipo packs, dual VESC’s (open source electronic speed controller) and a standard 2.4ghz receiver. Motor holes are optional.

Exterior Dimensions: L: 23.5" W: 8" H: 1.75" Interior Dimensions: L: 21" W: 5.25" H: 1.75"

Price: $50


Super Build Bro.
So, after riding your single hub, how’s the power comparison between single and this monster?
Looking forward to some cool videos…

The power feels like double because everything is bigger yet all the parts are the same as my single. I’ve only rode it a few times in a small parking lot, as it’s been rainy in my town for the past few days. This weekend I’ll be doing some testing to get some specs going.

I’m really happy with it, although its a bit of a beast for a guy my size. However, I think anyone over 175-180 lbs will feel right at home on it. I think having a single and double build is a perfect combo. I’m already thinking of my next build :smile:


Here’s your next project

Six wheel the very least :metal:t2::zap:

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Next build, 4 wheel drive with 12s for the ultimate monster!!!

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Hey, Are you still selling this? :slight_smile: The link no longer works