RunPlayBack | 29" Jet Spud Deck | Single Carvon V2 Hub Motor | Space Cell | VESC

Hey all, I’m a longtime ES/ESK8 lurker, DIY enthusiast, and filmmaker originally from NYC and now living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. About a year ago, I was introduced to the Yuneec EGO from a good friend. Paired with a gimbal, we used it as a camera dolly for super smooth tracking shots. I was into the Miniquad FPV scene for awhile too but got completely turned off by the competitive attitudes and detached sarcasm exhibited by lot of those guys. Anyway, the ESK8 community was like a breath of fresh air. This is how I took my first plunge into DIY eboards.

My basic goals were to create a stealthy board, with a slim enclosure, a single hub motor and a short deck. At 130 lbs soaking wet and a 2 1/2 mile commute door to door from my home to office, this seemed like a pretty feasible goal. Here’s the breakdown of my parts.

29" Jet Spud Nips Lip Deck Carvon V2 Single Hub Motor Enertion 10S Space Cell Ollin Board Co. VESC TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote RunPlayBack Sulaco V1 Enclosure

In addition to all the suppliers I listed above I really want to thank Caden Matson and LongHairedBoy for the encouragement on Instagram. We all have our own preferences and needs when it comes to DIY but now I understand that the process and discovering your own way of building is what unites us. Really look forward to contributing to this community and look forward to all the wonderful innovations that are currently happening. Exciting times! I can only post one image since I’m a new user but If you want to read my full breakdown with more images check out my full article here.


Awesome build!

I’m in Ann Arbor too! I have a dual Vanguard build and am currently working on a Hi5ber Python build as well. You are the only other DIY boarder I have seen so far in AA, it would be fun to ride sometime when it gets a bit warmer!

Whaat! That’s awesome! I have a buddy who owns a Boosted Dual but other than that I haven’t seen another DIY. Where do you usually ride? I’m totally down, we should make an A2ESK8 facebook group and see who else is out there. Got any links I could check out of your build?

Great write-up. I love your build. Congrats on a job well done.

Clean build and an enjoyable read! We do a little more than solder those cables and connectors though. :wink: Looking forward to some ride videos!


Great story of your journey. Cant wait for part 2 when you rip it up on the roads.

Thanks, definitely a lot more challenging than I initially thought it would be but very satisfied with the results. I’m ready to do it all over again :smile:

My bad buddy! Totally didn’t mean to minimize the skillset involved with building those VESCs by hand, I think I may have overlooked any posts that described the process. Shot you an email, I’ll update the article with a more than just soldering props :smile:

Nice build and article. I had my fair share of setbacks but the end result was worth it. I also received great service from @chaka, his “I’m here to help” attitude is great!

Enjoy the ride Al…

This is a super sweet build. I’ve been following your progress on instagram, it got me motivated again to finally finish my vac forming table, which i’m now almost done with thanks to a weekend DIY binge.

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A fellow spud! Looks really great! If I were starting over today, I would probably go with hub motors too.

@Dedbny Thanks! Yeah I’d like to do some speed trial videos with this board, a OneWheel, my E-GO and hopefully a Boosted if I can find one out here. 9 degree weather in Michigan is pretty brutal though so we’ll see when the weather clears up

@BigAl Totally worth it, I don’t even think I would have gotten very far without these forums

@longhairedboy Yes! I peeped that, lemme know how it goes, I had to do a bunch of different configs, I got it working pretty sweet but always room for improvement. Are you using a convection oven?

@siggs3000 Yeah once I saw your post, I was like that’s the deck for me! Great find. I haven’t punched it hard on the streets yet but just casual indoor riding feels super smooth. With the 1/4" shock pads, the Carvon hubs clear the deck easily. I’m also pleasantly surprised to discover the space cell was able to fit under there.

Yes, The other night I used my board to commute from the bus to my car (about 1 mile) and it was only 49deg here in Orlando, FL and I couldn’t go past 10mph because of the wind chill factor, my hands were freezing!!! I guess you have to deal with more of the same plus snowwwww. errrrgh


If it was 49 degrees out here, you’d see everyone in shorts and tank tops lol. The snow is bad yeah but what I’m really worried about is all the residual rock salt on the streets that could wreck havoc on everything.

No worries! Everyone thinks I just add cable and ship these gems out, I am used to it. Who in their right mind would actually manufacture anything? :joy:

The whole “by hand” bit is temporary, going mechanized soon.

Looking forward to your next build, great attention to fit and finish!

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I think I might have seen the boosted dual at a tech meetup (there can’t be that many in AA).

I usually ride from my house on central campus up to north campus when I commute but when it’s nice out I typically ride the neighborhoods on the SE side. Let me know if you create the facebook group and I will definitely join!

No build thread but here are some pics…not as beautiful as yours but definitely powerful.


Haha yeah that was probably my buddy Luke with the Boosted Dual. He has a beard and never wears a helmet because it’ll mess up his hair lol. We work over at Duo near N. Ashley and Huron and I usually ride from there to my house a little past Pioneer. Yeah I’ll work on the FB group page, I think there’s a lot of folks out here who are interested. I do video work with the guys at Launch and they’re all itching to try eskating. Those boards are awesome, I’ve definitely come across these lurking here had no idea you were local. I LOVE that Hi5ber…can’t wait to see it in person. If you’re interested I can help you build some custom ABS enclosures, I have the vacuum former station in my basement ready to rock.

nope. Just a Sunbeam quartz infrared space heater i got from Walmart for $30.

Sweet yeah I found something similar on Amazon I believe a 1500w space heater. I had to play around with distance and heating times to find the right molding temp. I ended up adding a lid to increase the all around surface temp which helped. Lemme know how it goes

@RunPlayBack I was so glad to read that you experience on the forum here has been positive, I experienced the same when I first began reaching out to folks. Great build! I look forward to seeing more of it!

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