Ryobi 40v Battery?

Anyone know how to go about calculator the amount of cells and such? Are they 10s2p? 10s4p? etc? Im curious because of the following two things.


Battery Mount

For one, that battery can supply only 250 watts of power. That’ll barely push you to 15 mph.

I suggest you look for a dedicated high power(at least 2000 watts) lithium 18650 pack on here or some online esk8 vendors. Or go with lipo.

Ryobi packs use lghe2 cells I thought. The brown ones? Arent those decent for battery packs for esk8s? I didn’t realize the wattage would be so low with them. How come that is?

Where does it say that it’s he2?

Also, that battery is 3.8 inches high. You’re barely gonna have any clearance.

@kommie178 It’s almost certainly a 10s2p setup. HG2 cells, not HE - HE are 2.5Ah, HG are 3Ah. (If they are actually LG cells at all and the pack is actually 6Ah, both questionable given the price and brand.)

You could probably pull ~500W out of it, but I wouldn’t go much higher - no way to know how well it’s constructed internally to handle high discharge.

The battery is the heart of any electric vehicle. The best motors, ESCs, wheels, and deck won’t do squat if you use a shitty battery. Think long and hard before cheaping out here.

Thats the ones I was thinking of. What about any of the name brand ones? Itd be nice to click a battery on and off. Perhaps running multiple of the smaller ones? WELL SHIT. Look at what Hitachi came out with, has over 1000 watts of power. Rigging 2 of those up would be doable?


Now you’re talking. Each of those is basically a 10s1p 21700. I’ve seen ebikes built to use 36v DeWalt batteries before.

@kommie178 theres a dude on the other side who swears only by his Milwaukee batteries for his boards