S.K.A.T.E Challenge - Upload your trick vids!

Hey eSK8ers / e-ATBers!

Has anyone ever played the game S.K.A.T.E? For those who haven’t it’s an old skool skateboard game where someone sets the trick and others have to copy it. If you can’t match the trick you get a letter. The last person to spell SKATE wins.

To make this more fun and fairer we’ve changed the rules for this platfom:

The Rules

  1. A trick is set and everyone else aims to copy the trick.
  2. Upload a video of the successfully copied trick followed by all of the failed attempts so we can all have a bit of a laugh!
  3. The first person to upload the successfully copied trick sets the next trick.
  4. For each trick you successfully complete you EARN a letter.
  5. The first person to copy 5 successful tricks earning S, K, A, T, E is the winner.
  6. Players can join at any stage of the game and copy any of the set tricks - if they can post a video copying a trick then they pick up a letter and are added to the leaderboard. They can then continue to match any of the other tricks to earn additional letters and catch up :wink:

NOTE: For all entries to count you MUST wear a helmet at a bare minimum!

***** LEADERBOARD *****

Current Leader: @rich - the first person to get A. Killing the game, and his board, in persuit of S.K.A.T.E awesomeness!


The first trick: Ollie Something

This is a straight forward Ollie over an inamimate (or animate!) object of your choosing! All you have to do is jump over it! This should hopefully get some names chalked up on the leaderboard! It’s also possible that an esk8er could take this one out first and set a non-strapped in trick too! Let’s see what happens :metal:

Second trick: Nollie

Great progression from the Ollie set by @amecces. Can’t wait to see the videos for this roll in!

Third trick: Switch Nollie

@DeathCookies taking the Nollie and switching that sh*t up! Nice variation as we get to experiment with a set up 180 or nose roll too :wink:

Third trick: Drift Circle

@rich mixing things up and taking full advantage of our off-road beasts! This is so rad, and looks pretty damn hard if I’m honest! I’ve abbreviated it to 360 Drift! :wink:


Nose Roll 180 This trick was originally set as the first trick but it proved to be really tricky on an e-ATB so we’re gonna park it for now!! If anyone does manage to do it though you get a letter and the pretigious title of eMTB God!!

In the video below Dylan Warren teaches a buddy how to Nose Roll 180 on a mountainboard - fast forward to the 3:55 mark to see the trick:

The video teaches the whole trick - frontside and backside.

S.K.A.T.E ON Brothers and Sisters!


Apologies for anyone I’ve missed btw - I could only tag 10 people in the post, but anyone with a mountainboard should try this! :wink:

@trampa, @TarzanHBK, @squad, @laurnts, @Okami, @Kaly, @Mox, @whitepony

@Deckoz, @Riako - have you guys got boards yet? You guys have been pretty active too :heart_eyes:


First of all this seems like a nice idea. It is kinda useless because we cannot judge if it was the first or the 50000 try but i Keep watching this battle.


Dude I’m totally down…but my board isn’t quite here yet… and I will need the milled hangar from Jens, as I pieced together hangars… but as soon as it is… :smiley:

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LOL - that’s true…but remember the only person you’re cheating is yourself!! :joy:

Let’s have a nice fair game peoples!


Thats the nice sentence everyone tells but in the end you are cheating to yourself AND to the others.

I am really tempted to take part of the challenge. It is fun with a snowboard but i never tried it with a mtb or emtb. probably gonna stick to a mtb for this trick to have a balanced board. Makes it easier. Maybe a bit cheating but we do not have any rules yet :smiley:

edit: no rules except getting the trick fluid.

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You never know man - the trick might still be waiting for ya!

If not, the next person might set an eSK8 trick for you to try! :metal:


e-360 down the stairs…

Matt and Andy Brind have set a pace this weekend. First time on an electric board… They will post some stuff the next days, I’m pretty sure about that.



Well, I think you like to see people failing :rofl: Count me in but for sure I can’t do it, I can’t even balance on the nose, that’s difficult man.

What’s the dead line for this trick?

360 challenge sounds good but stairs not :laughing:

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Nice, didn’t notice you post this, just gone and posted the same vid in a new topic; https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/emtb-progression/52442?u=andybigd

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Damn… I tried to jump, couldn’t even lift the back leg (motor mount and batteries are just heavy). I ride goofy, so that makes it worst to lift left leg higher :smiley:

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We put Matt and Andy on a single drive, small battery, two 6S 6200mAh Lipos. The pump track they rocked doesn’t consume a lot of battery. It’s more about the better flow and extra e-boost to nail the jumps faster and higher. After one hour of riding the battery was still half full. The twin is to heavy for that kind of action. Next thing on the list: Electric backflip on a big ramp.


Great idea man. I’m not yet there with my build, but will happily follow this, and join in, when i can for sure.

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No deadline as such - unless this goes for a couple of weeks without a successful trick in which case we’ll pick another trick! I’ve woken up this morning feeling bloody awful so it might be a few days before I can try it now :frowning:

@trampa I’m not entirely sure you’ve understood the nature of the game!! :sweat_smile: the video you post should be

  1. of you, and
  2. of the trick set in the previous video!

…that said this is a beauty of a 360. Those guys are seriously next level - bet you’re glad you signed them. Looking forward to seeing what they can do on these things.

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That’s all good - they can totally function as seperate topics. This one is supposed to be a game of SKATE - the purpose is to help push each other and encourage our group development but it’s also to have a bit of fun trying to better each others tricks and just have a bit of a laugh :smile:

well I got this bad boy… now all I need to do is practice some tricks…
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So sick dude!!! I’ll love to see some legit skate tricks on this! I saw that FabTrav (youtube dude) tre flip a Lou board before so those tricks are out there on eSK8s for sure!! Maybe start with an ollie :smile:

@duffman you basically have nose rolls and 180s on lock (see 5min mark) - now you you’ve just gotta combine them :wink:

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Yeah it’s a great idea. I plan to join in as soon as I get mine built up, may be a good month or 2 yet though till all my parts come in :pensive:

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Keeping it light seems to be the way to do it for freestyle. And I was gonna say it won’t be long till one of them backflips an eTrampa…

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