S.O.S. Vesc motor detection fail: motor wires short

First, some info : last week i did motor detection with vesc, using laptoplike charger 19v 3,42a. It SPINED, but detection failed, thought there was not enough juice. More details in my build thread.

Last night, i did the detection with 18650 10s5p, connect everything: motor, vesc, computer, bat. The bldc tool connected

Then i clicked dectect button, instantly a little short sound popped up, and i disconnected the bat in panic and found out this:


Two of the motor wires were touching each other. Damn i forgot to put the heat shrink tube in like i did last week, the eager to make it quick to show off (my brother and father were there) get me off guard. I am usually carefull, double check everyting with a list.

Back to the story, there is no spark, no smoke, no smell( yes i smelled everything repeatedly motor, vesc, bat) no burn that can be seen, i checked the resistor of the motor using voltmeter, it was very low (around 0.05ohm) i think it is fine.

Then i setup everything again(with 10s5p), connected successful, read, write still good. The nunchuck worked fine( green bar went right, left accordingly to the joystick)

is my vesc still good? Or dvr chip is a goner? @chaka @onloop @lowGuido @JLabs @Michaelinvegas

I did detection again. NO spin, vesc flash red 3 times i think then “bad motor detection” :scream:

I dont know what to do. Where can i get my vesc fixed? :sob:

Here are some pics i took with my phone.

Hmm dosnt sound like a DRV failure. Sounds like something else is blown. But I am not a master of the vesc like @chaka

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Thanks @JLabs

@torqueboards can you take a look at this? Please

check your faults in terminal. type "faults"after the bad detection

Yeah, check your faults. If so, replace that DRV and/or purchase another one :confused:

That’s a hard lesson to learn about covering your bullet connectors


Thank for the input,

So if it say drv fault, then the drv chip is dead , have to replace it. Is there any way to know for sure that the drv is dead and a replacement will do the trick. @torqueboards @Jinra

I know, ahhhh , I am feeling really bad now. Hope replacing the drv will fix it

Btw even when drv is dead, connection, read, write ,nunchuck connection still work ???

That will have to go to a pro…

Couldn’t say

@chaka hi chaka, can you shed some light on this please? Look into my case please

It is possible that even when drv chip is dead, the read, write, nunchuck connecttion still work?

Yes, these option are not control by the drv but the mcu…

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Looks like a dead drv chip.

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Thanks guys @chaka @JohnnyMeduse i will buy a drv , have old one replaced

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