S.P.A.C.E cell dead?

Hi all, Was riding my Raptor 1 to work when suddenly I felt a slight, unusual stutter. Rather than risk getting kicked at speed I decided to slow down and turned the board off. When I turned it back on, the battery went from ~70% to reading 0%. I figured it was odd because it was fully charged when I left and 70% was right on the track for how far I had ridden so far.

Long story short, when I knock the battery around a bit, the percentage will jump from 0% to 70% and everything in between.

I’ve tried contacting Enertion Support to no avail. It’s been a few days and I have heard nothing besides them asking what my order number was. I’m pretty sure I’m still within the 12 month warranty.

Here’s a video I took while I had it taken apart on the side of the road:

So now I turn to the forum to try to determine what the issue might be and what action to take from here. Looks like it might be some loose connections within the battery?

Any ideas or help is appreciated!

Connect probes from a multimeter to the output terminals and measure voltage. Smack it around a bit and see if voltage fluctuates. If it doesn’t, it’s probably just the voltmeter that’s loose and may need to be resoldered. If it does, then likely a broken cell weld which can be fixed by either rewelding or soldering.

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I found some blown out bus connections on my space cell

If the BMS connections have come loose the cell will not turn on either

Thanks for the suggestion! Stuck a multimeter in there and smacked it around a little. The voltage did jump around a little and the battery percentage readout fluctuated a bit too. Interesting to note that the percentage didn’t jump around nearly as much: maybe about a 10% range. Also, while I had the multimeter in the battery outlet, the battery readout was strong at 75% (minus the knocking around part), but once I took them out it would drop to 0%.

You most likely have a cracked nickel plates somewhere in the pack and tripping out the bms. I had the same issue with my space cell pro 3. You will need to resolder the connection for a easy fix or pull it apart and refit new nickel plates. I would suggest not to use the board till fixed or u can strike the terminal on battery(+&-) if in the middle of the pack (most likely)and BOOM. After getting it fixed try to find a way minimize the vibration / flex to battery if you run super loose trucks. Just a thought