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S.P.A.C.E Cell on a Plane - Carry On

During my holiday travels to Hawaii i took a few flights, domestic & international, I was able to carry 2x SPACE Cell battery as carry on luggage.

The TSA don’t seem to care…

As a precaution i removed the label that said it is 270wh… But even if i hadn’t it would have passed without a problem because no one cared, no one asked any questions about them!

I simply placed them in the plastic tubs, each one in the brown box that they come in, then pushed it through the scanner…

passengers are actually permitted to carry spare batteries as carry-on luggage, however the limit is 100WH per pack, with a maximum qty of 2 packs.

If i was asked i was simply going to to say they are spare batteries for mobility scooter (because that was the example i read about on TSA website). 20v 5ah. But no one asked…


Good to know! I once went through security as kid with a homemade battery pack (think 6 D-cells in a Tupperware container). It was pre-9/11, so wasn’t a huge ordeal, but they definitely reacted to that.

Nice! I know with the number of battery packs i usually carry for electronics (10Ah usb chargers, one 23Ah) and they never question it. More and more common. with the laptop “slices” you can run your laptop on now as well… Almost all are LIPO or LiFePO4 powered. I figure it will only get easier for us.

What deck were you able to travel with? I’m guessing you checked the deck?

No deck. Just batteries that I picked up from customer in hawaii… long story.

But from now on I will be taking my electric skateboard overseas when I travel.

I’ll probably check the deck and carry on the batteries. But I think you can actually leave the batteries in the checked deck if you wanted.

I’d rather fellow passengers actually had batteries carried on than checked. A hold LiPo fire still seems like a reasonably probable cause for MH370. At least in the cabin such issues might be able to be dealt with and crew would be aware.

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Yeah lipo is rather volatile… probably carry them in fireproof bag too wouldn’t hurt.

I often fly with Lithium V lock batteries for film production lighting, the guys at the lighting store printed off stickers that they give away that you put over the original ones that say the batteries are 88WH as opposed to 200, smart move as nothing is more official than a printed sticker :stuck_out_tongue:


So has anyone recently been able to bring a space cell on to an airplane within the last couple months? Going to maui next week…and i really wish to bring my raptor dual with me… ill check the raptor in…but the battery is what im worried about…

The current trend seems to be either flat out denying lithium batteries on passenger planes or maximum of 99Wh.
I’d check with the airline company, but would’t get my hopes up.

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I really should have done my research on this before i purchased the raptor…thats on me…ive seen people bring boosted boards on the flights…they simply have to check it in…i didnt know about the 99wh…until lastnight…the whole purpose of the board was to take on trips…to explore different cities on the board… i thought all i had to do was check it in…i was wrong…my fault…

Make yourself a sticker 99WH and you are good to go. :innocent: The new SPACE CELL is going to have usb charging port so people can turn it into usb hub center and pretend it’s like a big charger.

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Ditto sticker. Or get a proper one made up. As long as battery not connected. Dont forget yout usb cable for remote

Dude, take out battey, get 99wh sticker, carry on battery, check board. Easy peasy and much safer because if battery does melt down for some crazy reason, you see it before it takes the whole plane down.

On Southwest, they allow boards as carry-on. I carried my Raptor Dual on a flight to the east coast and back a few weeks ago, without any trouble. TSA did a close inspection, but did nothing. I didn’t remove the battery or anything; merely carried the board on in a longboard bag. Simple. :slight_smile:

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Really?? This is great news. How many times have you made it through?

People always say 99wh is the limit. But everywhere I’ve read seems to state 160wh is the limit for passengers; at least for the US. This is stated on the FAA’s website and a bunch of various airlines.

I’ve only taken it on one trip so far; I don’t fly a lot. I am planning to bring it on a trip to California next month, too. It rules to arrive at one’s destination with an esk8 ready to ride!