S.P.A.C.E Cell X

So in Enertion’s latest video on Youtube (https://youtu.be/AQybmmPjVTI around the 7 minute mark) he spoke about the S.P.A.C.E. Cell X. So bascially the new Raptor 2 enclosure, the battery, two VESC Xs and a receiver. “That will be about 899”.

To me that sounds like a pretty good deal. I don’t really want to screw around with the electronics too much and I would probably buy all the stuff from Enertion anyways. Might as well get it all in a simple and basically plug&play kit. Also prevents me from screwing up the VESCs :wink:

It’ll probably help those that are doubting to go DIY as well. The whole battery management/VESC stuff throws up quite the threshold if you’re just starting out.

So am I just lazy or do others also like the idea of plug&play electronics too?

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That sounds like a not bad deal but you can’t really call it a DIY solution… plus you still need motor/hub + controller on top of that, plus a board…

Where does DIY start and where does it end… you could call us lazy asses too, because we buy plug and play things like motormounts, instead of welding our own piece of metal :wink:


Haha yeah you’re right, it’s more of an “assemble it yourself” and this pretty much takes the last bit of a challenge out of it. While I know I should feel lazy, I just don’t really want to have to spend a ton of time on the VESC with the risk of killing it. It’s sort of like working on my car or bike; I’m fine with most mechanical stuff, but stuff like working on the loom or ECU I pefer to leave to others :wink:

Should the board give problems later on I can always still learn how it all works.

I agree on the plug and play. As much as I love DIY, an almost ready to run solution saves time and possible headaches.

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