Sad day of a friend

Just witness this, a friend of my putting 2 10k mah in paralell for the first time, for some reason when closing the enclosure the battery caught fire ( test fine before closing ) . VESC was barely burn but was soak with water, hopefully it still work. I post here to raise caution when handling lipo. be extremely careful when charging as well as choosing enclosure for lipo. will have the guy to get another battery, maybe lion is safer ?!

That’s sucks. At least the rest of the board looks ok

I personally go li uo and while that’s can explode they aren’t nearly as bad as lipos

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Rinse that vesc off with the highest %isopropyl alcohol you can get your hands on, then lay it out to dry, preferably in front of moving air. This will help prevent corrosion and may save an expensive component.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:!

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VESc is in ER, critical condition


Thanks Sage VESC alive after many alcohol rubs


:mask: Glad to hear it, Dr.! :sweat: