Safe BMS charging

Hellllllloooooo fellow experts. I would appreciate some guidance on the following matter.

When I charge my 6s batteries with hxt4mm charge leads I obviously get a little spark. So I began using XT90S Anti Spark connectors which have been working great.

Now I am doing a new build for which I will be using a 12s BMS. And I would really love for it not to make any sparks when I plug it in the charger. I am going to use this charger for it

I also want it to charge my batteries with a laptop style charger like the Space cell. The problem is just that I can’t find a laptop style charging connector that says that it doesn’t spark. Could I just take out the charge plug from my old laptop and connect it to my batteries, and also take the connector from my old laptop charger and resolder it on the new 48V charger that I bought? That would be most convenient for me, but it’s a no go if it makes a nasty spark. If you don’t think that would work, you are welcome to leave a suggestion for how I can have a spark free BMS charging experience otherwise.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

if you use a BMS you shouldnt get a big spark.

I would really prefer not getting any sparks at all