Safe Esk8 Temperature

Just bracing myself for the winter here (Netherlands) and I was wondering the following: What temperatures are safe to use your board in? Because it can go up to -5 degrees Celsius and I don’t want to ruin my expensive lipos :wink:

warm your lipos before you go out, it will do better than not warmed in a reasonable temp and if it’s really cold it will get better performance…and i think they could be damaged otherwise. the motor and esc shouldnt be affected except they will run cooler which is good.

Well they are inside so they will be around 20 degrees, is that okay?

i forget what temps are too low and will damage or just reduce their power. if you search I’m sure you’ll find it.

this site has tons of info

Do you think it’s dangerous to ride at -28C? Was planning on riding tomorrow but that post made me think otherwise

I’d say leave the board at home. At those temps you’ll get severely reduced performance from the batteries unless you insulate them well. (Which is propably impractical) And if you do take it out, don’t recharge it until it has warmed back up to indoor temp, otherwise you’ll damage the battery.

Take it easy with the trigger the first 5-10 minutes, that’s all. Just IMO

@ThomasRBK where are you located in NL, I’m in AMS, It will be nice have a ride with more skaters!

Bodegraven, small city near Gouda, so we could go for a ride this summer together with @susplus, and his new build.

Lekker!! I’m rebuilding my last build with new battery and new motors, for the long waiting for the raptor 2 :grin:

Sounds awesome man!