Safest way to buy a used board?

So I found an extremely good deal on an Enertion Raptor 1, but we want to avoid eBay to avoid any fees, does anyone recommend another safe way how to do this? So if I dont receive the board or he scams me I can my money back? THANKS!

@ArmandR I suggest using ebay and\or paypal. You can’t get security for free. If you want to avoid ebay pay the owner through PayPal and use the “seller” feature. The fee 2.9% + $0.30. That’s around $30, worth it to safeguard yourself from a major loss if you got scammed.

Have you heard of Google wallet? If I use just paypal will I get protected as good as with Ebay?

No, not exactly. If you buy through ebay and you pay with PayPal, you get each organization’s protections. I feel that PayPal alone is sufficient. I’ve had a few sellers fail to respond and try to scam, and PayPal has come through with refunds each time.