[ SAFETY PSA ] Vesc-X users - Partial recall READ IF YOU HAVE A NEW VESC-X

Just in case you haven’t received an email regarding this there are faulty Vesc’s that were part of the first batch that were sent out.

Hello, I’m contacting you from MacroFab, on behalf of Enertion. We manufactured and shipped your VESC-X order. It has come to our attention that about 10% of the first 300 orders may have an incorrect resistor value installed.

If your VESC has this resistor, it will slow down and possibly cut out when pushed hard. This can happen when you’re pushing the board at high speeds or up a hill.

You can confirm you have the wrong resistor by doing one of the following:

Check the voltage from the battery versus the BLDC tool - The voltage with the BLDC tool on your PC versus the actual battery voltage will differ by about 10%. You can read the actual battery voltage with a multimeter (DVM). You can see the voltage on the BLDC in the image below:

  1. Check Resistors on PCB- You can check the resistors on the PCB by unscrewing the enclosure. I attached a picture of a PCB with a marking of “202” on resistors R24, R27 R33, and R4. The correct resistors have the marking “222”. Note: If you open the enclosure, be careful not to move the gap pad inside.

If you’re board has the incorrect resistors, please email us a picture of the voltage reading or resistors at [email protected], and we’ll work with you to resolve this quickly.

Thanks, Gage.

– Gage Austin Brasher Customer Success


One user recently complained about poor vesc peformance… I wonder did he also got wrong resistor… though it seems he had regular vesc… not vesc-x

Thanks for posting this. I received my Vesc X in January and hadn’t gotten this email from macrofab. I stumbled upon this post and decided to take a look at the resistors on my Vesc X and noticed that they infact had the “202” resistors instead of the “222” resistors. I was just about to put this thing in my board. I’m disappointed that i hadn’t received this email from macrofab as you did. And I’m even more disappointed that i can’t use this Vesc on my board until i hear back from macrofab about a replacement, which will be god knows when.

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Yeah wow. Same boat here. How did this not get shared around further?

Hey @yummyblobs the vescx you got wouldn’t be affected by this by chance?


Maybe, I guess the only way to tell is to open up the shell and check the resistor

Hey Guys this issue only affect the first batch that got out of MacroFab (less tha a 100 units)… If you have that issue please contact Enertion Support and not MacroFab…


That’s good that only 10,000 dollars worth of vesc-x products are faulty. I was getting worried

??? I’m not sure to fully understand ?

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