{SALE} $245 NEVER USED 90mm dual 6364 hub motors drive kit for electric skateboard longboard part + Dual motors longboard skateboard controller with remote ESC Substitute

I never used it I wanted to build a electric skateboard but never got the time for it. I ask $245 for Dual hub motors with esc and remote. Also separately available send my a message for more questions

You might want to lower that price as you can buy both (shipped expedited) for a total of less than $250

People will prefer to buy completely assembled board than buying 300$ kit

Who is this “people”?


Couldn’t agree more. Seems like most prefer to buy all parts and assemble themselves. Being that this is a builder’s forum. Gl with the sale.

I was referring to ones who bought meepo board type boards, when it launched it was 260$ …

Yeah i got mine complete shipped for $298