[SALE][EU] Holypro deck + 12s4p Sanyo 20700B flexible pack inside enclosure


2 months ago I have build a trampa board with a enclosure under the deck. I did not know that I would like to ride a trampa. Now I absolutely love my trampa and I do a lot more off-roading. A housing under the deck is not really suitable for this, so I am selling this. Because my old enclosure has several scratches, the battery would be transferred to a new enclosure without scratches.

Price: 790euro

Included in this package:

  • Holypro 35° 15 ply deck with inserts + new Kaly enclosure (€350)
  • 12s4p Sanyo 20700b flexible with cell fusing (only 9 time charged) (€430)
  • 60A High discharge BMS (€45)
  • Rubber gasket (€10)
  • Bolts (Free)
  • Motor cable riser (Free)
  • XLR port inside riser (Free)

image image image image


Great price. Too bad I cant afford it atm.


That’s like only 60E off retail? :-/

I don’t know what the ratail price is

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You’ve listed the retail prices in the ad :stuck_out_tongue:

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Only checked cost and did some discount from the total price

Hi Pjotr,

Are you interested in selling the 12S4P Sanyo + enclosure and BMS? (everything except the deck?)

/ Johan

How much for the deck?

Only deck? @Gaza65

Yep got a spare set of running gear (heli drive gear …

@mmaner you can close this topic, Thnx!