SALE! Evolve bms, remote and 150kv motors all used parts US onlym

Just as mentioned I have 1 Evolve Bms , 1 remote and 2 150kv motors for sale. The motors were modified with 5mm bullet connectors and the sensor plug was replaced with a jst connection that fit a vesc 4.12 hense why the black wire is missing but still works. Also the trigger on the remote is damaged but works just needs to be replaced or glued in place. I’m hoping to get some funds so I can rebuild the board for my kids but I wont need these items since im going to build it diy style only thing i kept was the trucks wheels and enclosure. These other items r for grabs let me know if u r interested thanks will ship for free if bought in whole

$30 for the remote +shipping 20190126_142243 20190126_142253 20190126_142303 $50 each motor or $80 for both+shipping 20190126_142312 20190126_142326 20190126_142348 SOLD-$70 for the bms +shipping 20190126_142609

What gen Evlove are the parts out off?

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What size motors? …sorry 5065 im assuming, just a sanity check.

Bamboo gt 2nd gen i think lol I know that they were the first to come out in dual motor when they first brought out the carbon gt deck

Yes thats correct 5065 150kv just changed the plugs from xt30 to 5mm bullet plug and the original sensor plug was also changed to fit on vesc because I changed to the racestar 200kv

I’ll take the BMS, mine just went up in flames tonight. Any chance on negotiating on the price?

@anon64938381 I’m gonna grab the BMS off of here. What do you think?

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If the remote comes with receiver and works on a normal ESC, I’ll take it and a motor

doesn’t come with a receiver and doesn’t work with any old receiver, its specially designed for evolves bldc controller and connects straight to it (like a boosted)

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Oof…so it’s only good if you’re making an Evolve? That’s kinda useless…still interested in motors

its only good if you have a evolve esc… but otherwise its a preety decent remote.

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