Sale ! Selling AT wheels! stil available! Price reduced 110€

Hi i orderd the wheels to see if it wil fit my board… but is doesnt. So brand new wheels Airless black! Brand new ! Pm me doe questions. I live in Netherlands 20180807_174518

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What’s the price?

I will take them, I’m in Sweden, how much? Do you have any belts to go with them?

Ok They new i ship it for 140 wherever you live Prefer eu

Gr sam

Yes they came with 2 belts Gr sam

I dont need then i lower my price 125 ex shipping Gr sam

what brand are these and where were they purchased from? interested in buying them but like to see some reviews on them


Are these AT Wheels any good was thinking about getting some

I’m interested and also from the Netherlands

Stil available a good offer They come with 6 belts !!

I have a couple of questions. In what way didnt they fit? Too wide or was the pulley clearance not big enough? On what trucks? Since I am also from the Netherlands. Did you need to pay import tax? If so, how much if I may ask?